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    Default How to Make Money after 6.1?

    With the new WoW gold tokens, I am very keen to find out how to make gold with a 5xmulti box team. There are numerous guides out there and almost universally they are outdated or otherwise invalid.

    So please share any still valid ideas you have to make gold as a multi-boxer or just in general. Even better if they can be done by a new player (as I am).

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    cataclysm heroic 25 mans, 125g a boss each char, then about 800g-1kg from selling all the loot
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    Hi, thanks for the advice but I am not sure where you are getting these numbers from. I have tried running a few Cata. instances and making a fraction of this. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, please would you provide a slightly more detailed breakdonw of which instances and loot give these types of reward? In my experience, anything that can be farmed easily is rapidly nerfed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justname View Post
    Hi, thanks for the advice but I am not sure where you are getting these numbers from. I have tried running a few Cata. instances and making a fraction of this. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, please would you provide a slightly more detailed breakdonw of which instances and loot give these types of reward? In my experience, anything that can be farmed easily is rapidly nerfed.
    Cataclysm. Heroic. 25 man. AKA: Raids. This would be, Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds, Blackwing Descent, Firelands and Dragonsoul. NOTE: It has to be 25 man heroic. Other modes drop substantially less gold and vendorable loot.

    Unless they have just stealth nerfed this, it is accurate. I was doing these instances weekly on my 5-box, meaning around 700g made per boss (5x125 gold drop + around 80-100g in vendorable items). From the top of my head there are a total of 28 bosses to kill (BoT 5, TotFW 2, BD 6, FL 7, DS 8) so with rounded numbers you're looking at around 20k a week, not counting BOEs, materials and the gold gained from trash.

    The bosses die very easily and you have a chance to get a few decent mounts as well, so I would say they are worth running.

    Now, if your team has good enough PVE gear and a viable set up, farming BoEs from trash still seems like a very good choise in both Highmaul and BRF. Depending on which mode you can manage, the drops can get you anywhere from 3-4k to 200k+. This info is based on Deimonics' success running his 8-box there. I did do two runs with him and got a BRF normal item that sold for about 10k.

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    Any instances you can suggest for the fainter of heart among us? Running 25 man heroics with my gear doesnt SEEM feasible.

    Do you get 125 per player in the group or do you need to run these raids multiple times once on each toon to get those numbers?

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    If they're level 100, just go and give them a spin. There are some fights that'll give you trouble, but if you're 5-boxing, you're bringing a lot of power to the table even in greens and you'll be able to steamroll most of them without any issues whatsoever. Ever since the item squish there's a mechanism in place which increases your damage output and lowers your damage taken in relation to mobs from expansions prior to Mists of Pandaria. The lower the expansion number, the stronger this effect will be.

    For some time now, the amount of gold raid and dungeon bosses drop is multiplied by the number of party/raid members present for the kill. E.g. if a boss drops 10g when you solo it, it'll drop 50g for a party of five, so each character still gets 10g from the kill. The only thing you end up splitting is the actual loot that drops.

    So yes, technically you earn a little more if you'd run them five separate times with a single character because you'd have five times the loot, but you'd have to spend a lot more time and effort on it. And more importantly (in my opinion anyway): it would defeat the point (and fun) of multiboxing.
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    Yes, just a small addition to the info given. I ran them in heirlooms and steam rolled the content. Also with the release of Tanaan Jungle it is incredibly easy to take your 3-4-5man+ team there killing elites and if you have a Warmill/Drawf Bunker it will increase your chance for the Baleful loot drops to be EPIC upon creation. So I now have a few teams all sitting close to 670 ilvl with very minimum effort.

    A lot of folks just watchin Awe as I move thru the Elite demon KJ mountain with my 5man hunter team pulling everything I can and downing it as I go. It actually makes a decent lil big of coin in the time I am there as well. May need to look into how much I am actually getting. *If I cant equip it I vendor it all.

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    Copy and pasted a reply i made in the post further down thats titled "How to afford wow tokens every month?".

    I'd suggest building a Frostwall Tavern(Followers with the Treasure Hunter trait / Followers with the Scavenger trait which gives extra resources from missions + Treasure hunter missions from tier 3 tavern, treasure hunter missions are the gold missions that can give upwards of 3k or 4k from the Blingtron's Secret Vault which is a rare mission, you usually get anywhere from 200g - 900g easy.

    I'd also suggest the Trading post for spending garrison resources when the items such as dust, ore, leather / fur and herbs are 5 GR per 5, another good idea is to build the Barracks and upgrade to tier 3 so your follower limit is 25.

    If you have a lot of followers with epic mounts i'd also build a Salvage Yard for boxes, open those maybe once a week since you can make upwards of 1k from vendoring alot of the greens and disenchanting blues(the class specific transmog gear from them, good amount of Draenic Dust from them since they vendor for only 3-5g or so).

    Also look into gearing your character's to ilvl 675 and raising your follower ilvl as much as possible(645 atleast with the follower upgrade tokens from the vendor inside your garrison town hall, they cost 500g each but are worth it with the new missions that get unlocked), getting your character to ilvl 675 is known to 'unlock' the new 675 missions that reward the Heirloom trinket / Medallions of the Legion / Champion's Honor / Elixir of the Rapid Minds / and the garrison resources + oil caches that you can use etc, also the Cinder Pup and Burning Blade toy.

    Proffession wise i'd suggest getting maybe Tailoring on a few toons to craft Hexweave Bags every few days even though they seem to be dropping in price, but on my server they sell for a easy 1500g, and with a Tailoring Building + the Proffession i seem to make them every 3 days or so.

    Also make sure to run ATLEAST H Cata 25 raids every week, such as Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, Firelands, Dragon Soul, and Throne of the Four Winds(Not suggested imo since you only make like 400-500g from it compared to 1k - 2k from the others) You can make a MINIMUM of 6k from running all of them except ToT4W. Also make sure you kill Kazzak weekly with Felblights being 200g or so per, and a guaranteed drop from Kazzak.

    Just a few suggestions and methods i use on my 11 level 100s to get enough gold for tokens, with running H 25 Cata raids i can make a easy 66k weekly and Kazzak kills yields roughly 20-25k from Felblights depending on the amount he drops for my alts. Not to mention 9 character's having treasure hunter missions which gives about 3-5k from missions on average daily, more depending on rare missions and if i check them twice a day instead of once.
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    Like most people over here i get the main part of my gold from the 25 man heroic cataclysm raids.
    Most bosses are soloable with one character so with 5 characters it really shouldn't be a problem.
    I like to bring a couple of boomkins for mass destruction on large packs of mobs (BoT and Firelands), starfall kills thjose of really quick.
    Running a 5 man team grants around 15K and a 10 man team around 27K.
    Hunters are great just as well, have a tank round the mobs up put them in front of a few hunters and barage them down in a split second.

    Optimal use of your garrison will grant you lots of gold a day as well, but it is dependable on your missions and luck i guess.

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    I just wanted to update this with a very simple plan that i have tested for 3 weeks on my realm ( Whisperwind/Alliance) You have heard this before, but im going to give you an idea of how easy it is for boxers to make gold atm.

    So its the barn...yep, still making great gold with my barn. I use three teams of five and make sure my work orders are full everyday. I farm the elite wolves in nagrand ( back side of the fort is best ). Its easier than ever now>> you lay a trap with your lead toon and everyone in the group gets a cage... so no more random amounts of cages in each bag. I just do the wolves because i can get 100+ cages in under an hour on each team, i never run out of wolves ( if i have it to myself, and i do 90% of the time).. so i simply keep the work orders full and deposit the fur and bloods in the guild bank. ( i sell once a week, normally after Tuesday when i get new fellblights ) Selling during the weeks seems to get the best prices in my experiences )

    And once a week on my three teams i kill Kaz for the felblights. Those+fur+bloods have netted me 90-127k every week. This week i got 127k because i had excess garrison resources, so i spent them on rush orders for the barn, which got me more than normal amount of fur and bloods.

    On my server the wow tokens go for 36kish. In two weeks i pay for a month of subs and have plenty of gold to spare. Since this is so simple and reliable ( so far ) its all i do.. i dont do any dailies..i dont kill and rares, ect...if you do all that as well, im sure you could get 200k+ a week.

    some tips... Make sure you have a follower working in the barn. Never sell your goods for the lowest price, they WILL sell, go up to a medium price. People like to find one seller who has many stacks ( and you will have MANY stacks ) and just spam click on yours for simplicity sake, even if your not the cheapest stacks on the AH
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