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    Default having some trouble

    Having some trouble opening 5 clients through the glyph client

    I've made innerspace target the glyph launcher as i cannot find files mentioned in outdated guides "riftpatchlive"

    Whenever i open the character set, i have to login with each client manually, also have to set the glyph launcher to not remember my location otherwise it makes me get the auth-code via email every time

    As it currently goes > Innerspace @glyph launcher > Open character set individually > login individually > get auth-code from email individually or else auto login to previous account

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, looking for new multibox game after giving up on eve

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    Update : figured out how to use glyph cfg file

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    After you uninstall Glyph you also have to delete it from its directory.

    After that it ran just fine for me, didn't have to make any IsBoxer specific changes for it that I remember.

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