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    If you were unaware, there is an easy way to the fix mechanical switches on the good mice like Razer and Logitech. No need to buy new units, no need to get good at soldering.

    I'm posting this here as resurrected my left handed naga (2014) with this method.

    1. Lift the feet on the mouse gently with a putty knife.
    2. Locate the screws under the feet.
    3. Unscrew all screws and set aside.
    4. Locate the microswitch that has the double click / no click issue.
    5. Using a small flatheaded screwdriver or exacto knife find the tab (either side of the upper housing) and flip the tab off using the screwdriver head. This holds the upper housing in place. Mind the small button on the microswitch so you don't lose it.
    6. The switch mechanism under the housing is a very small tension band resting on the switch housing. This will be your problem item.
    7. Carefully slide the band off the housing on the side it can be moved.
    8. With the band in your fingers, lay it against the desk, spring side up and then using both hands, bend the spring slightly so it is raised more than it was when you set it down.
    9. Now to get the band back onto the housing you need to secure both ends of the band to both sides of the housing and the spring needs to land on the small latch in the middle.
    10. To do this, put the loop end of the spring on the edge of the housing to hold it. Then slide the entire band over the housing until the spring is flat against the spring bar.
    11. With both ends connected and the spring flat, now use the flathead screwdriver to very carefully push the spring down to its catch. If you overshoot the catch you need to repeat steps 7-11.
    12. The entire thing should now be functioning and you should hear an audible click when pressing on the band near the tension point of the spring.
    13. Put the cover back on the housing with the button inside. You can do this by holding the mouse upside down so the button doesn't fall out of the housing during reassembly.
    14. Reassemble the mouse. If you need new feet, is a great site to get them at.

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    Razer Tartarus v2, while it doesn't have as many keys as G13, it does have joystick and its scroll wheel can be used for extra actions.

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