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    Default Stuck at Verifying through ISB

    Two problems:

    1. When I launch default profile of SWTOR through ISB, he is stuck on "Verifying" with no progression at all. This remained for the entire afternoon. Can this be helped?

    2. When I changed disable Bitraider stuff to "true", it started downloading but immediately went into repair. This keeps on going infinitely. Any known issues on this?

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    Please help me since you are really making it difficult for me to want to use your software. And I am on a 7 day trial and if this doesn't work I have NO intention at all to buy a subscription to this.

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    First of all, this is the community site, not the ISBoxer support site. You should not be coming to with this kind of attitude, the mods and other community members owe you nothing. Treat people with respect. If you want to sound entitled because you're paying someone to be there, at least do it on

    Secondly, you were fine until your response 6 minutes later demanding and making threats or sounding angry or .. whatever. This is your first 2 posts here, you're not making the best first impression.

    Now .. on to the issue.

    1. You're not using ISBoxer if you're launching the SWTOR Default Profile through Inner Space; you're using Inner Space without ISBoxer. Doing so does not disable Bitraider for you, and SWTOR's Bitraider is not compatible with Inner Space. You have to use ISBoxer to get multiple SWTOR instance support.

    2. I'm not sure why that is happening for you unless you're out of disk space or have some corrupted file(s). It's also possible you're only half disabling bitraider.

    What I would suggest doing is launching your ISBoxer Character Set, which should take care of this for you. Here's a walkthrough video I did for SWTOR that should cover everything for you, including launching and getting your characters to follow and assist you in combat, do quests, etc:
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    Lax! You're supposed to constantly F5 on all multiboxing forums 24/7 don't ya know? Immediate support to everyone every second all the time!

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    I have downloaded the entire game. I have enough space on my computer to play the game in multibox, it just keeps going into repair. This is really annoying and your tutorial helped as far as setting Inner Space up. Then the trouble of problem 2 began.

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    If this doesn't work by tomorrow, I am gonna deinstall it. I have no use for software that does not work as it should be working.

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    The game must be fully installed. If it keeps going into repair, that to me sounds like something with your SWTOR install. I can't magically fix it, you may have to troubleshoot that with a clean install of the game. That is not an issue that has been reported in recent memory. There are people playing SWTOR with ISBoxer.

    If that is too much for you, then by all means, uninstall. I'm not much of a miracle worker, sorry man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoomiZ View Post
    If this doesn't work by tomorrow, I am gonna deinstall it. I have no use for software that does not work as it should be working.

    If i was you i would give up before you start as if your having problems installing a game then multiboxing is far over your little head.


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