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    Default CSM rep for Multi-Boxers

    I know this is a horrible long shot. However, as I am considering running for CSM based on my alliance's pushing and nagging, I am feeling like we need alot better representation and PR with the rest of the eve community and devs themselves.

    My main platform will be wormholes as well as alternative game play styles, multiboxing included. I do not feel I can campaign strickly as a multiboxer, not enough votes, but it is a large focus since I am a multiboxer from various other gaming communities but relatively new to the eve multi boxing front.

    In regards to things I want to push for is:
    - Greater respect for the multiboxing community.
    - Better reception of legitimate CCP concerns about multiboxing.
    - Easier ways to manage alts. (more income for ccp with more alts)
    - Better static and defined rules in the TOS regarding multi-boxing.
    - More recognition for multiboxing community concerns. (TOS, false reports, hate mail, etc.)

    If anyone is willing to help me with this campaign please let me know, I need alot of it. If anyone can get me incontact with CEO's of multi-boxing friendly corporations and alliances please also let me know.

    IGN: Angrod Losshelin - Host of Praise the Bob podcast and CEO of Oath of the Forsaken

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    OFC i'd vote for you based on this platform alone, but you should flesh out other ideas for your canidancy and put multiboxing support as only one of those tenets if you want to gain a wide enough base to win a seat on the CSM.

    I'd love to hear your other ideas as you formulate them.

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    OF course, my main platform will be focused on newbros specifically in W-space. New players in all classes of W-space, new player experience in regards to exploration, better scanning frig bonuses, faction hacking modules, taking exploration a step further.

    PVE in W-space as well is another primary concern. There is alot of representation for WH space for PVPers and very little for PVE. Mining in W-space, i want to address the risk versus reward for mining. Rebalance to gas mining in w-space, tons of useless gasses in w-space, little profit to be had in lower class mining or in gas mining. Turning mining sites in w-space back into a scan down, atleast higher end WH mining spawns. With the addition of shattered W-space we need pos rebalance more than ever. I want to make roaming in w-space more viable. No more taking 30 mins to anchor a pos for a small tower, I want to see what I can do to put W-space in the new player experience.

    Alot to do with getting more new blood into w-space.

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    Default Throw me some love if you feel multiboxing deserves representation.

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    Well make that a reality, vote for me if you want to see that happen. No voting means no representation. Multi-boxers have lots of accounts, means lots of votes.

    And to make you happy I fight the battle against ignorance:

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