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Thread: Rift

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    If anyone is on the EU I play on Zaviel I can make all the gear you need for lvl 60 if you don't have the proffs. but if you do want items let me know in advance so I can get things ready.

    Not sure why people are so hung up about questing gear as I said before never had an issues at all while levelling.

    Lockjaw is my main on Zaviel EU

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    I have had Rift ages.. I played all the betas, I bought collectors of their expacs, bought rex and stuff in their store & was patron. My point is why should I have to grind or pay to unlock an item that I already earned. It's never been like that before so I feel a right to be annoyed.. their loss I'm done with it now on principle.

    I'm having fun with Wildstar now playing solo.. it's a lot of fun. Think my boxing days are behind me.
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    My point is why should I have to grind or pay to unlock an item that I already earned
    This is indeed a bit odd.
    Think my boxing days are behind me.
    I wonder if you really manage to leave it
    When I trie to solo play something I get bored very quickly

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    I have

    Games are either making it so software boxing isn't allowed, or the mechanics are harder or impossible to do 5 man content (hc). I don't see the point in overgearing stuff just to get it done really. I can't justify the cost if I'm not really able to do most of the content. (Talking about WoW mainly). I'm just glad Blizz refunded me on all 5 accounts even though I was level 100 on all.

    Both EU and US have posts on their forums saying how boring wow is.. never had I been so bored after such a short time - and I played for 7 years.

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