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    hope youre on lockjaw :P

    ive been playing a bit and doing a regular group combo, but mages are pretty stupid. i ended up filling my group with a few mages and its pretty solid. currently
    4x mages
    2x wizards

    I'm running into a CPU bottle neck running 9 on my pc and thinking of just getting another computer... and then remembering i started this to be more of a casual project... haha.

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    im on Lockjaw with similar box team. Taking a break from it right now to check out EQ2 vanilla since i never got to play it at all early on.

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    On Ragefire with Void.

    How do you manage going beyond 6? I just see it being more of a hassle, but perhaps it really isn't that bad.

    My main team is SK/Dru/Ench/3x Mage, I really like the combo but it lacks Res.
    I also really want to make a melee team and somehow put a bard into the mix, but I can't figure out if 3x Rogue or 3x Monk would be better.
    I really should add a cleric but I love my ports and sow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    My main team is SK/Dru/Ench/3x Mage, I really like the combo but it lacks Res..
    druids can res! if you mean resurrection?
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
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    On classic they can't I don't think they get the res spell until luclin. Have quite a few expansions to wait. It's amazing how specific classes were back in the day. They filled basically 1 role. Now in most mmo's the roles mesh better.
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