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    Thought I might start a team over on Sargeras so look for a 5DK team starting up. I like the idea of skipping the first 55 levels or so when starting a team on a new server. They aren't RAF'd or even with Heirlooms since I don't have enough for a 5 DK team, never actually done one since I rarely do something other than a mixed team. So probably take a while for me to get them leveled. Sounds fun though to have a team/guild on a server with other mboxers though

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    I logged in to find you for an invite but looks like you're offline. I think we need to switch the suggestion to come to the dual-boxing chat room ( so we can coordinate properly
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    I am currently on Bleeding Hollow looking to join this guild if it is still around and about. Currently I only 2 box. It may get a 3rd soon. Not sure

    I have a dummy alt on the server right meow. If the guild is legit I will box up a tank/healer combo. Will be looking for a triple dps to run with me as well.

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    Just started a 5 man horde team on Bleeding Hollow: Iheal, Iblock, Icommand, Imame, Iattack.
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    cant help but feel the grass is greener on the non-eu side

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    I'm new to the forums so sorry if this has already been mentioned, but which realm is the home realm? "we would ultimately prefer you join us on our home realms..."
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    Horde is US Bleeding Hollow, Alliance is US Sargeras

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    Anywhay I can get guild invites? Just started these so I'm on almost daily, prime time eastern time zone. thanks


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    Done and done
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