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    Default Hi from a newbie

    I have long admired this comuinidad and recently I met online eve and I decided to make the jump to boxing with 3 and been watching the forum looking for information and accounts I have some doubts of mechanical play and skills telling me that I move into 0 0

    1 that mecenicas have you play more with the mouse or use keys if so I would like them to say I thought

    2 Been midando button to bring the fleet but can not find can guide me

    March saw the possibilities and opted to go for Dominix but fiteos and minimum skills would be best for anomalies and perhaps Warholes

    first of all thank you very much in advance to all

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    control on the game is not done with any /follow command, instead you mirror/duplicate your actions across all clients.

    on a game like wow, you never do 1:1 broadcasting because all characters end up in different places. but here its very hard not to do 1:1.

    The basic ISboxer set up comes with CTRL+ALT+R bound to a "broadcast: ALL" that should be all you need to start. later on you can make special teams and all. one dedicated to doing logistics (healing) and another doing damage. (no tanks in eve)

    and to make money in game, with less than 7 - 8 accounts, you want to go to null. you can pretty much immediately do any activity there much better than any other player and make a ton of money. (even killing rats on belts, which usually is looked at as being a waste of time) with over 8 accounts highsec becomes good again, but only with very good skills. you will also need a ton of "seed money" which you should get by living first on NULL.

    keep in mind that flying expensive ships like a dominix might not be the best idea if you don't have good skills, its better to start small with similar ships, like the Vexor/Myrmidon/Prophecy.

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    thank you very much for your reply; I saw the tutorial and start isboxer well all understandable but I would like to know how to manage your settings and veterans opted for a gnosis is not required skills and this will begin to make good rating and raise money again thank you very much for your answer

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