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Thread: Rules Updated

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    I got 5 Clerics currently 54 which I was going to push for 60 before the expac.

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    I have my 2 mages, and with my 2 clerics I was using a variation of the druid soloing build.. melee boxing has been really fun

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    I know we have been over this before " Its their game and they can do what they want" It just seems so wrong to "change the rules" like this so late in a games life. How many people have spent thousands of dollars paying for multi accounts who are now at risk to lose everything. At the very least they should be obligated to pay back ALL the money spent on all but one account.

    Im not paying Rift.. but these types of rules hurt us. It seems like more and more MMOs are getting in line with this type of multiboxing stance. It killed my interest in Wildstar and i was looking forward to boxing a group in that game. i could do it.. but not without risk and that keeps me from even trying ( boxed two for a few weeks.. just not the same for me )
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    I would like to be refunded everything on the 2nd account.. I'm annoyed as they don't seem to have bothered to announce the change, or why they changed it.
    I have been number 1 on the live chat for ages now.. and there's no phone support.. looks like I'm back to wow boxing or finding another game.

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    they told me I'm not entitled to a refund as too much time has passed.. charming

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    Andreauk did they confirm that you're going to get in trouble if you keep boxing your two accounts?

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    Here is a copy of the live chat.. I edited out my name and emai details -

    GM Treance: Thanks for contacting Trion Worlds Customer Support. My name is GM Treance. I'm happy to look into your issue for you today.

    Me hi there

    GM Treance: Hello. How may I assist you today?

    me: I have 2 rift accounts.. I made the first when rift came out.. the second is new as I used ascend a friend.. I have been playing both accounts (multiboxing them) and I see as of yesterday you have changed your stance on allowing this
    me: before your stance was - It is perfectly valid for a player to play the game on multiple accounts at the same time.
    While we do not condone or tolerate unattended gameplay or botting, if a player is actively in control of all of their characters, they are not in violation of our Code of Conduct."

    me: I am patron on both, and have spent quite a bit of money on the store.. so if multiboxing is no longer allowed then I'd like everything on the second account to be refunded.. the second account is ************
    me: that account can also be closed as I have no use for it now.

    GM Treance: I can certainly understand how that can be frustrating. I will be more than happy to assist you with that! In order to do so, I’m going to need to collect some information from you.
    Is the e-mail on this chat linked to the account in question, or is there another e-mail related to this issue? If there is another e-mail related, may I please have that information?

    me: this is my main account the veteran account *********** the new account is ***********

    me: you can see they are linked via ascend a friend which is why I got a 2nd account

    GM Treance: Great, thanks! Just a moment while I retrieve your account information.
    me: np.. why did they change the multiboxing stance without any announcement? I was at risk of being banned

    GM Treance: Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide any refunds for this account due to the amount of time that has passed since these charges were made. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience that this change has caused, but our policies can update at any time.

    me: it's been like a month..
    me: the 2nd account is new
    me: who do I complain to about the changes.. a lot of people box even 5-10 accounts

    GM Treance: If you would like I could I escalate your issue for further review. Their response will be via email, but I have no ETA as to when they will be able to respond.

    me: yes please do so.
    me: it's very unprofessional to not announce such a big change thats been allowed since release

    GM Treance: May I assist you with anything else today?

    me: yes one more thing.. if a person was to continue boxing what action would be taken.. as they are using what they paid for?

    GM Treance: Unfortunately, I'm unable to say.

    me: so there is a new change with no consequence known?
    me: did you yourself know about the change?

    GM Treance: Well, we never provide the possible actions that can be taken on the account, and I do know about them
    me: well the new rules dont ban boxing.. just the way its done.. it allows me to keep my alt on follow but not contribute.. that will make many in game annoyed that's for sure!

    GM Treance: I apologize, but this isn't something that is up to Customer Support.

    me: so who do I need to speak to? tech support or?

    GM Treance: Well, the best thing I can do is escalate your issue for the refund request, but we can't really discuss the policy change.

    me: okay go ahead and do that and I can open a paypal dispute at the same time.

    GM Treance: Is there anything else that I can assist you with before I escalate your issue?

    me: doesn't seem so

    GM Treance: Have a good day and thank you for contacting Trion Worlds.
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    The way I see it is I'm playing the first account fine.. but really they should only ban the second account because it's not being played with it's own pc/keyboard/mouse?

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    As I've said on the thread, I want something more solid than a rule change on an obscure page.

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    well the GM I spoke to said he knew about the change... but they really should have made it known at least on their own forum.

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