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    Default Black Gold Online

    Black Gold Online (currently in open beta) is touted as the "epic showdown of steampunk and fantasy." The continent of Montel is in the midst of a war between the steam-powered Kingdom of Isenhorst and the magically enriched Erlandir Union. Each side is battling for domination of the highly valuable Black Gold and needs your multiboxing team's help!

    You can choose from any of the 6 races to create your team:

    • Buvont: Neo-Victorian expansionists in pursuit of technology and militarization
    • Lokemean: Dwarven engineers, inventors of Steam Tech
    • Upryian: exiled vampires searching for a place to call home
    • Kosh: intelligent mystical race that can control the elements
    • Aurek: fierce metamorphs with unrivaled brutality
    • Yuton: tribal nomads living the simple life

    The class options for your multiboxing team depend on which side you want to join forces with - the Kingdom of Isenhorst or the Erlandir Union. The Kingdom of Isenhorst classes include Punisher, Assassin, Conjurer, Occultist, Gunslinger, and Dark Priest. The class options for the Erlandir Union are Blademaster, Spellsword, Pyromancer, Geomancer, Beastmaster, and Skycaller.

    Each class has a different score from 1 to 10 for the following stats: Attack, Defense, Control, Support, Range, and Sustainability (see here: Looking at the scores may help you to decide which class(es) fit with your multiboxing playstyle. Keep in mind that the classes available to you are also based on the race you choose.

    Achievement system
    Your team members can earn achievements through different actions and completing various objectives during your adventures:

    • Character: leveling up, increasing might score, military promotions
    • Collection: collecting certain pets and mounts
    • Instance: completing instances and doing certain tasks within instances
    • Battle: completing battle events or defeating world bosses
    • Energy Well: having a high enough reputation at certain Energy Wells or by doing Energy Well battles
    • Unique: being the first on the shard to complete certain tasks

    Some achievements will reward you with titles, items, equipment, or gold.

    Adventure System
    After reaching level 13, your team will have the opportunity to go on adventures, which are special features that blend PvE and PvP play. Each adventure offers valuable rewards if you are able to overcome the difficult challenges. Also, each adventure has it's own system for gameplay, such as only being available to do during certain times of the day.

    While your multiboxing team is exploring the world, you might come upon special Outbreak events, which are similar to quests and offer rewards for completing the tasks. Some Outbreaks are hidden until you are close to them, whereas others will appear on your map even from a great distance. If you choose to participate in an Outbreak, your challenge may include large scale events, area-specific objectives, collecting resources, or defeating world bosses.

    Black Gold has an abundance of treacherous instances scattered throughout the world to test the skills of your multiboxing team. Many of the instances have two modes, easy and hard, each with its own mobs, bosses, and loot.

    If you enjoy PvP, you might try combat on the battlefield with your team. The battlefield system will automatically match players from both sides, but you can enter as a whole team in either small team or large team PvP. Each battlefield has its own rules for victory, and you'll be able to earn rewards like valor and honor points, money, and experience.

    Chambers of Greed
    These hidden chambers give you the chance to obtain rare items in open world dungeons, but first you'll have to search to find the entrance. You'll face both mobs and other players in these dungeons. If you kill another player, you won't suffer any criminal penalties, and you'll be entitled to some loot from your defeated opponent.

    There are many other features and interesting content in Black Gold, including military battles, Energy Well battles (high level gameplay), guild system, professions/crafting, and the special gold dust clerk. You can read more here:

    What are your thoughts on Black Gold Online? Are any of you currently playing it and have some insight to share?

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    I played in Beta. What a mess!
    For starters the lag was really bad and pretty much unplayable from Australia. Forget about PvP unless you are close to their servers.

    The art, characters and look of the game was wonderful. But it stops there, quests were silly, free prizes kept popping up with no explanation and it was just a confusing mess.
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    Thanks for your input! I'm curious if any one else has played the Beta and feels the same way or had a different experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pox67 View Post
    I played in Beta. What a mess!
    Isn't that why they have a beta? to clean the mess
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