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    Default Shado-Pan Assault Rep?

    Hi all,
    so I am wondering about how to grind rep for Shadow Pan Assault. I tried a quick test in Throne of Thunder but I got owned pretty fast. My toons are all around 490 gear level and I wanted to fill out some slots with the valor gear from the Shadow Pan assault that needs friendly rep with them.
    Anyone got any hints or other way to get friendly with this faction?

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    I read that guide before posting but LFR is not showing in Raid finder any more? Has any boxer killed thrash to get the rep and if so is there any tricks to being able to get a few kills at the start of the raid and then reset?

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    Uhm it's showing for me. Maybe someone in your group his gearlevel is too low? Either way seems to me there are better ways to gear up than farming shado pan assault rep. Did you get all the gear from the timeless isle? That way you should be eligible to queue for Siege of Orgrimmar LFR.
    Everything that is fun in life is either bad for your health, immoral or illegal!

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    The way I got my guys gear was dragging them through LFR, and farming Timeless stuff. My 3 box team is currently 570/557/548 MM hunters. I eventually was able to talk my way into flex runs, and my guild invited me along on a few 10m normal runs.

    I chose hunters because that's what I already knew how to play quite well, as my main is that 570 one. I raid quite a lot, so I am pretty good about placement with my slaves, and keeping them out of crap on the ground. Ranged just makes it nice and easy. Taken them through every LFR, a few normals, and SoO normal all the way to Spoils (not completed).

    If you need help, hit me up. ElWampa-Zul'jin.
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