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    Default Starting out in WildStar

    I just jumped in the open beta a few days ago and am loving this game. I've played and multiboxed tons of MMOs but didn't have a lot of time the last few years so got out of them and this is the first one to really peak any new interest. Starting to consider getting more than one account now if old friends won't be joining.

    Any chance we can get a wildstar forum?

    Any other boxers with interest in at least starting same realm/faction and maybe hook up sometime?

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    Any chance we can get a wildstar forum?
    I helped you out by moving your post off a video thread and into the appropriate place: WildStar is being discussed here in the Beta/Upcoming Games forum. When the game is released, if there is still interest in multiboxing it, that is when we will create a forum just for WildStar and move posts from the Beta/Upcoming Games forum into the WildStar forum.
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    Gave it a good solid test and over the past few days and ran two characters with isboxer to see how well boxing would work and evaluate if it would be of any benefit. It was much better than I expected with the active combat style, and found numerous reasons to at least dual box for leveling up. I've about decided on boxing an engineer/medic pair. Anyone else have multiboxing plans?

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    I paid for 5 delux versions.. not sure if i will be able to play them all.. but i will try. I might end up with only 3 to start..I might do two teams of 3 so i will have a full group later when i can afford to upgrade, and or they optimize the game better. They plan on moving a lot of stuff off the CPU and onto the GPU.. I think that should help us a lot.

    The two teams of 3 would be Warrior tank on account 1 with two others on accounts 2 and 3..then the 2nd team would be Stalker tank on account 1..with account 4 and 5. I have not decided what i want to tank with yet.. so this would get me at least two tanks down the road..hell, i might even do a 3rd team with an engineer tank as well.

    Either way.. im boxing this game! its fun as hell!
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    Yep, I'll be duoing at launch as well.
    I tried out all the classes during beta and decided on the following duos:

    Probably choose different sides with the pairs as well so I see both sides of the story.
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    If anyone still needs copies of the game, there's a discount code here 20% off. Bought 2 deluxe versions there for same price as normal on the official site. They seem to be out of normal game codes though and just have deluxe versions left.

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