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    Default [EQ2] ToV or not ToV

    My group hit 92+320AA's a little while back. I only subscribe on one account. I am trying to decide if I should move forward with ToV or not. I am not willing to purchase the expansion for more than three accounts at the current price. My dilemma then is do I bother with the expansion at all since I am not even sure how far I can get with 3toons+3mercs [maybe 4toons+2mercs]? My limited understanding of mercs is they are not very good at L95, especially in ToV. Anyone have any opinions on how "mutliboxable" the heroic dungeons in ToV are? Even without mercs it sounds challenging given all the boss scripts requiring movement during combat. On top of that, I have no real interest in doing any of the advanced solo dungeons to get gear. I know the AS zones provide upgrades to the Overland quest armor via gem slots, but how needed are these to progress to heroic dungeons? I would probably be OK working on a few pieces, but I don't think I would want to do much more than that. I was hoping to just ride it out until Wildstar was released, but after I tried beta I am not sure that Wildstar is the game for me.

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    If you do the quests on your guys in a group, just the world quests in ToV, you'll get some awesome upgrades for every slot. The dungeons are very tough. I seriously doubt you could do them with mercs, the mercs were really bad when I tried them. I think I managed to clear two heroic dungeons, so they are doable, but I doubt with mercs.
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    Thanks for the response. It's what I was afraid of.

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    I took a quick look at ToV when my trio hit 92. I was 1 shot by level 100's just by the zone in. I think you actually should be 95 before going there and be geared from the previous expansion.
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    Oh, I had no intention of starting anything in ToV until I hit 95. I just can't get to 95 without the expansion. It wouldn't take very long to do so. The ToV Overland quests provide the gear so you can start the easier heroics [or at the very least, the AS zones], as far as I know anyway.

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    Well, I picked up the expansion for three accounts. I will be playing three (SK, Warden, Troub) and my brother one (Inq). Going to use the ToV monk merc X2. So, we'll see how things go.

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