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    Default Wildstar open beta: May 8th - 18th

    Just to let everyone know that Wildstar open beta will be May 8th - 18th.

    I played a few of the beta weekends and got my basic two box config sorted so I'll probably give open beta a miss and wait for launch.

    It took a while but the humour and atmosphere grew on me. There are some quite funny lines from NPCs.
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    Reserve character and guild names begins 13-May.

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    I am a little excited to try this, but completely unexcited that ncsoft seems to be pathologically incapable of sending me a reset password email (despite evidence that they did so with no problem in 2009 with aion).

    Two months off wow I'm starting to feel the mmo itch.

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    Hi Guys,...

    we asked this question in the german forum and finally one of us got an official answer about it.

    So yes it will be allowed...

    just check it here ->

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