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    Default Demon Hunter Leveling Builds

    I'm aiming to level to cap homogenous teams. I'm on Demon Hunters now. I'm at level 45 and play on Master. T1 is too hard. I hadn't had trouble leveling in T1 with my previous 2 Teams (Wizards and Crusaders), but DH feels so weak! Even Master at this point is getting rediculous.

    I have tried a Rapid Fire build and a Strafe Build. Strafe is manageable, because I can run and DPS at the same time. I've experimented a couple times with such failure that I'm afraid to try anything other than Strafe.

    Anyone level a team of DH without twinking and what general build did you use?

    Currently, I:
    - Strafe till low on Hatred, at which point I Preparation (75 Hatred Gen Run) and use Active on Bird Companion (50 Hatred)
    - If I'm taking damage, I use Shadow Power (Remove Disc Cost, add 15s CD Rune)
    - I Strafe into the middle of a group at first and use Fan of Knives (1200% Damage + 15s CD Rune)
    - When I run out of Hatred, Disc and Companion Active is on CD, I spam Primary = Hungering Arrow w/ Hatred Gen Rune.

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    I've been toying with the idea of level capping 4 of everything on all accounts (probably with 2 of some things). And I'm starting to think it would be faster to just do 3 at a time instead of 4 at a time. e.g. one fairly-geared level 70 toon and 3 noobs, rather than 4 noobs. I'm pretty lazy tho, so i dunno if I'll get around to it.

    I found DH underpowered too. Tho strafe was fun. The build you describe is basically what I did. I found spamming multi-shot / burst fire more efficient than strafing though, for grinding that one quest in Act II. I didn't do strafing until I was level-capped.

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