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    Grettings community

    I'm boxing a few months 10 accounts with isboxer in this desktop:

    cpu: i7 2600k oc 4,2Ghz
    video: GTX 580 1,5GB
    ram: 4x4GB DDR3 1600mHz
    mb: Sabertooth P67
    HD: 7200RPM 32MB
    monitor: 2x 1080p

    This machine runs said setup with no issues (no Jita or blob fights accounted). In fact I believe I can squeeze in more accounts. Graphics don't matter.

    But my aim is to run 24/26 and my question is if it's doable on a single machine? this one upgraded maybe? Or better from scratch? Even if doable is it worth it costwise? Maybe just get a slave? Or make of this one a slave?

    None of the above? Other things to take into account? I also would like in the future to be able to run 8 accounts in blob fights.

    Help highly appreciated. I'm overwhelmed in hardware, no computer savy here, please don't let me get robbed at the pc store

    Thanks in advance

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    This is one of the most difficult questions to answer because there are so many variables -- The major one being I've never played EVE so I don't really know the load it requires to run. However, the easiest thing to do would be to check out this page on the ISBoxer Wiki. I know that the link takes to a section that talks about bottlenecks and that you don't currently have a bottleneck, but the Open Hardware Monitor program it has you download is a good place to start for monitoring what your hardware is currently doing.

    So, fire up your accounts and fire up OHM and then see what it reports. You're looking to increase the size of your fleet by over 50%, so when you look at the program... Do you have > 50% of your system available to run that many more accounts? My guess is going to be no since Shadowandlight over on the ISBoxer forum runs somewhere around 25 accounts and he uses either a 3930K or 4930K.

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    Ty MiRai

    Good to know it can be achieved on 1 machine.
    Nice little tool that one, cpu total load 86%; gpu core load 82%; ram load 53%. So the upgrades needed would be a new computer I think, make a slave of this one and buy a main slightly more powerful. Correct?

    Also one more question, as I will be getting a ssd aswell. Ideally one should have a ssd for OS and another one for game folder right? Having only one ssd, would it be best to install OS on hdd?

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    I currently run 20 accounts on an overclocked I-7 2600k at 4.6g with 16g of ram and a GTX 770. I have two DxNothing windows that take up about the same amount of CPU as each Eve window.

    I can run the main at 60fps with full effects and the background windows at 15 and performance is fine. Increasing the background windows to even 20fps tanks my performance though--As it is, I'm basically at the wall for performance. CPU is definitely the limiting factor. In a full fight with 60-70 other ships on grid plus drones I'm still fine at 60fps.

    As long as you don't do anything too fancy with DxNothing windows that rig you posted will do 20-24 fine, I surmise. If you want even better performance I highly recommend one of the intel hex core processors. I'm currently saving my share of my tax return to upgrade to one
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    Ty Mosg2

    Silly me did those quick tests the way i usually play
    New tests after tweaking my setup the best i could including background windows at 10fps without sound, main at 60fps on performance settings and nothing else running but EVE I get way better results

    cpu load 53; gpu load 63; ram load 44

    Damn the gpu otherwise close call i think
    I'll make the accounts and see how it rolls

    Thanks for the help guys
    and fly safe

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