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    Default Brainstorming Med/Lrg Comps for WH/Incursions

    After recently breaking into solo incursions(and setting a new heart-attacks/minute record), I was hoping to kick of a constructive conversation on setups for medium/large scale multiboxers. I'm not interested in heavily debating the validity of the ideas. More just trying to spread some ideas between community members. If you have any ideas, experience with the setups, or sources of information please share.
    Here's my setup and a few that I've been kicking around in EFT:

    Classic Incursion Setup
    Size: 2+ Guardians, 6+ dps
    I use a 2 5/1Guardians, 8 ApocNI, and Fleet Booster all currently with low entry level skills and mid level fittings
    From personal exp, this setup is solid though can be challenging to execute for beginners.
    Picked up some nice base numbers to work with. 2x guardians seems to be just enough rep to survive NCO sites. I'm estimating incoming damage to be around 2500-3000 raw dmg/sec. That's about 8 reps of 384 every 4.5 sec on BS's with 340 sig radius and 72 average resist.

    Remote Rep spider tank
    Size: 2-5 of just about any type of ship with spare high slots
    A very classic multiboxing setup using extra high slots to provide remote reps and possibly cap transfer.
    This seems to be better with smaller groups. At a point the available targets and killing speed starts to hinder this setup. Mixing spider tanking and gun dps can become a pain for larger groups.
    I've seen this used effectively in WH combat sites and null plexing. This is an easy find on youtube.

    Sentry Drone Setup:
    Size: the more the better
    Based around using drone boats and assist command, similar to slowcat pvp setups.
    Seems very easy to use because very little key/mouse broadcasting required.
    Allows for strong spider tanking and does not involve the cluster f of offensive and defensive targeting.
    I haven't seen or used this (as or by multiboxers) yet but I keep seeing people talking about it.

    Local Rep/Bastion Mode
    Size: Any
    Probably one of the newest setups that I can confirm
    I've been talking with some members of The Ditanian fleet incursion armor community about this one. This has been tested successfully on sisi using a duo.
    Requires uber bling fit Marauders. Fits have been posted on Ditanian mailing lists.
    This setup takes away the difficulty of spider tanking. Drawback: bastion mode 1 min cycle time reducing farming speed sometimes and you'll still need to do standard targeting broadcasts one way or another.

    Drone Logi Spider tank
    Size: the more the better
    After seeing a post or two about the uselessness of drones once you've hit a fast blapping speed I started rolling a Drone Logi Idea around in my head.
    Base numbers: small logi drones 14/5sec, med 28/5sec, Large 72/5sec. The math, 72*5/character= 360. 360*9 of 10 characters (can't rep yourself)= 3240/5sec
    Compared that to 8 remote reps *384/rep= 3072/5sec.
    The draw backs being that you would need to mix offensive and defensive targeting. I haven't been able to confirm if fleet boosters effect drone remote reps.
    Viable ships would have large drone bays but with no bonus to drones such as Vindicators, Typhoon Fleet Issue, or Armageddon Navy Issue.
    Though this setup would probably be the biggest pain in the @$$ to run, I expect that it could achieve some of the highest applied dps per character of any large subcap group.

    Defender missiles
    Size: the more the better
    Probably the most obscure idea I've been playing with, uses ships with spare missile high slots such as the Astarte or Tempest to significantly decrease incoming damage. Normally defender missiles are shrugged off because of their ineffectiveness in normal missions when single ships are outnumbered by opposing missile ships. Being that a large portion of the damage that high sig ships receive in incursions is from torpedoes, having large salvos of defender missiles could allow a group to explore different repping options. Yes, this isn't a stand alone setup, but I'm tossing it in for it's possible viability.

    Please feel free to share your ideas. I'm always looking for some creative new setups like speed/sig tanking or sniping/kiting.
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    Very interesting setup i have to say. I think the drone assist one is the easiest for pvp i would think because the lack of broadcasting needed. Personally right now i run a talos fleet for pve i null and it works pretty great.
    Right now im training my characters for solo incursions. The setup ive chose to use is:

    2 Guardians - 6 Legions - Astarte max booster (Could need a webbing loki for the cruisers etc)

    The fit for the legion is some things could be changed but i like this setup because the insane range it has small sig radius makes the tanking that more easier and reacting with the guardians. The tracking with the computers and the medium guns makes almost all of the dps applied to ratts. The maker of the fit has a very good description of the fit in the link aswell. Let me know what you think Crionic

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    Quote Originally Posted by SexyVanillaFreshness View Post
    Right now im training my characters for solo incursions. The setup ive chose to use is:

    2 Guardians - 6 Legions - Astarte max booster (Could need a webbing loki for the cruisers etc)

    The fit for the legion is
    I like the T3 version of the classic setup. Where you lack in dps and range you'll definitely make up for in tracking and gun sig res. I'm learning that damage application > high sheet dps myself (600 dps w/ 90% hit chance > 900 dps w/ 50% hit chance). My only concern is the cruiser npc's that orbit at 18-22k. Not that you can't switch ammo, but you'll be giving up even more dps. Swap out one of the webs for another tracking computer or sensor booster imo.

    The only reason why I didn't go for T3's for my first incursion group is because of the extra training time and isk investment to get it started.

    I'm currently brewing a sentry drone setup idea. Though I'm having a hard time finding anyone else who has experience with it. My worry is that the drone AI will be sluggish/dumb and try to group volley. If i'm blapping npc's with 1/2 my dps I don't want to be waiting for them to all change targets together and finish gun cycles before blapping the next target. If I can get some solid confirmation on this working the way I want, I might post my EFT fits.

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    I can give you confirmation on how the sentry drone setups are doing vs. c5 sleepers. Garde's and Bouncer's own everything that isn't a frig pretty well and will own the frigs as they are burning in. When they get in under 20k or so you're going to need light drones to kill them. Cruisers under 5k seem tough for the garde's as well, but webs would help that. The more target painters and webs you can bring to the party the better off you'll be. If incursion rats are similar to c5 sleepers in health then you don't need to worry about wasting your dps. From what I've seen 75 sentry's only 1 shot cruisers when using gardes and the cruisers are near your optimal or when catching frigs burning in towards you near the garde's optimal.
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    Well for Incursions, blapping frigates is a definite possibility. Niarja have 3786 ehp and Tama have 7812 ehp (uniform resist). VG's are about 80% frigates and in 2 of the 3 site types they spawn at 50km+ range. This should be enough time to burn down most of them while at near 0 traversal. At the above ehp it should only take 6 gardes (160dps w/ 4sec gun cycle = 640dmg volley per garde) to kill a Niarja, given very low miss chance.

    So I'll rephrase the question... Can you chain blap 2 or more frigates in less than the gun cycle time with a group of assisted sentries? Or do the sentries all try to volley at the same time regardless of now much I spam F? I'm not too worried about getting the smaller groups of 5 to break apart, but having all 50 (10 man setup) firing at the same time wouldn't work for me. Check out this youtube vid too see what I mean by chain blapping (i take no credit for the vid). That's the kill speed I'm looking for out of my drones.

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    If you want to split drone dps you would have to manually target half to something else. The main benefit of assisted sentry drones is the instant alpha volley of ALL the drones. Perhaps you could try it with all of them assisting to ensure max damage and then start peeling some off to a secondary assist later.
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    When I was ratting in Nullsec, I found that a round-robin use of my F key for drones was really useful. I could lock 4-6 targets, and then cycle my F key one two three times per ship depending on the size, and everything died at once. Problem was locking time, I would want some scan res meds to keep up with locking more targets while killing the others. By the time you killed 4 targets, you want 4 more immediatly, and locking time on frigates is painful sometimes.

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