With the launch of Helm's Deep on November 18th, your multiboxing team can enjoy playing through a new story line. Fight to save Rohan, take part in the legendary battle for Helm's Deep, and explore areas of Western Rohan, including Broadacres, Stonedeans, Kingstead, Westfold, and Eastfold.

Starting at level 10, you can join Epic Battles to fight to defend Helm's Deep, and at the all new level cap of 95, all players fight together. More allies yields greater challenges and rewards, so bring your whole multiboxing team along! Complete primary and secondary objectives to earn medals of bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. The best medals earn the greatest rewards - equipment, rare accessories, and points to spend on Epic Battle Promotions.

Also, you can revamp your multiboxing team using Trait Trees (starting at level 6). The Trait Trees allow you to select powerful specializations and skills to enhance your characters and shape them with greater control than ever before. Each class has a unique set of specs geared toward a specific combat style. As you earn and allocate points, you'll receive several bonuses, new skills, and skill upgrades.

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