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    Congrats, you did good! hope to see some more video's. =)

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    Just x5 against a World Boss!!!!! Holy Warlocks! Wow, I'm super blown away.

    5 characters ONLY!!! Freaking unbelievable against a W-O-R-L-D Badass B-O-S-S.

    Watched the vid, do not know how you play with all the mod clutter stuff on the screen, but thats your style, you killing Nalak with just 5 toons is totally Truely Amazing though.

    have you got the Nalak mount yet ? I farm that bastard boss and other world ones for mounts and still after all this time, No joy

    Congratulations on your remarkable Kill, that's total skill right there!!

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    Awesome job for sure, enjoyed it as much as aelli vs vashj in tbc

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    That is insane. If I didn't see it on Youtube, I wouldn't have believed it. Those locks are cool under pressure.

    I guess I won't post me killing some elite guy that had like 25 mil hitpoints while I had to reincarnate a few times.
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    i got my locks out from the dead as well killing all the rares atm solo on the new island so much easyer then a melee group.

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    The isle is so anti-melee its terrible. I go there with my ele sham/lock team and blow shit up. My monks/rets/enh? Yeah at least one dies on every rare, so stupid. Don't even get me started on Cinder.

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    yeah lol my poor rogue tags with my hunter/shammy/mage and DK tank and rogue I just leave in caster range doing nothing, and other times i kick it out and bring in the spriest instead.
    great fun isle though!

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