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Thread: Isle Epics

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    Default Isle Epics

    Been rolling around on the island with my prot pally and 4 enhancement shaman. Good times on the rares and elites, easy way to get iLvl 496 gear. Anyone else been successful?

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    Sounds pretty interesting. Could you break down what you do a little bit more specifically. I personally am interested in what tactics you're using to farm gear. Thanks =)

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    I borrowed a good chunk of Krushpak' set up, but for my fifth spot I use my protadin to suck damage and also provide some slight healing. Let me post my version below:

    I use a 2 Step hooked to my "Z" key which on press does this:
    FTL Assist
    2 > all
    ; > all

    My "Z" key on release does this
    FTL Assist
    1 > All
    3 > All

    My 1 & 2 Keys does IWT a well as activates my abilities in the 1 or 2 hot key position.

    Paladin action bar set up as:
    1 = Avenger's Shield
    2 = Macro with:
    /castsequence reset=target Crusader Strike, Crusader Strike, Holy Wrath, Sacred Shield, Word of Glory
    /cast Consecration
    3 = judgement
    5 = My CC Macro for arena: /cast [@arena5] Hammer of Justice
    6 = /castsequence reset=5 Avenging Wrath, Ardent Defender, Devotion Aura, Divine Protection, Guardian of Ancient Kings
    7 = /cast Hand of Freedom
    ; = /castsequence reset=target Holy Prism, Rebuke, Hammer of Justice, Arcane Torrent(Racial), Rebuke, Blinding Light
    /cast Hammer of Wrath

    My Shaman set up is:
    1 = Unleash Elements
    2 = /castsequence reset=target/5 Flame Shock, Earth Shock, Earth Shock, Earth Shock, Earth Shock
    /cast Lava Lash
    3 = Stormstrike
    4 = #showtooltip Earth Elemental Totem
    /cast Earth Elemental Totem
    /cast [@arena1, exists] pulverize; pulverize
    /cast reinforce
    /cast empower
    5 = /cast ancestral swiftness
    /cast [@arena2] hex; hex
    6 = /cast Berserking(Racial)
    /castsequence reset=2 stormblast, earth shock, lava lash
    /cast solar beam
    /cancelaura hand of protection
    7 = #showtooltip Call of the Elements
    /castsequence reset=5 windwalk totem, call of the elements, earthbind totem
    8 = My healing rain + broacast next click
    9 = HHealing Tide Totem ... I need to set this up as round robin
    0 = ghostwolf
    - = Mechano Chopper for IWT in BGs
    = = Flying mount
    ; = /castsequence reset=5 Searing Totem, Healing Stream Totem, Grounding Totem, Healing Stream Totem
    /cast [nodead,combat,harm]Feral Spirit

    So far my paladin has acquired:496 Shoulder, Back, Bracers, gloves, boots
    Shaman #1: 496 Belt, Pants, Feet, 2 496 Rings
    Shaman #2: 496 Shoulder, Chest, Bracer, Boots
    Shaman #3: 496 Helm, Shoulder, Back, Chest, Bracer, Gloves, Legs, Ring
    Shaman #4: 496 Back, Bracer, Gloves

    So basically when I push my Z key my tank will normally get aggro and the team will move towards their current target and engage in melee. Using a simplified version of Krushpak's arena set up I fire off my spam abilities with one key press and have the ability to blow CDs, CC, drop some heals or add 4 enhanced earth elemental tanks with the stun built in. My DPS has gone up around 30-40% but my crappy green questing weapons are holding me back. I have been using this simple set up on the isle to kill elites, some small mobs and the rares. Killing a rare guarantees each member of the team will get an epic BOA drop of sometype that will morph into something useful in whatever character specialization you are in when you activate the token. As a result the island is quickly becoming a very efficent means of gearing a team for PVE as you can farm and mail the tokens to other toons, once they are activated it become BOP. I have farmed up most of a complete set for my warlock and resto/boomkin while being on this party.

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    I like that about the tokens. that is pretty sweet! Which island are you farming?

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    There is a vendor that sells a whole set of armor if you are lacking in some spots and not doing well on the new island.

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    Small tanker was talking about still wearing quest green weapons. What would be the best option to farm out good weapons at level 90 as a multi-boxer aside from heroics?

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    Nvm, I found the vendor and items. found some more cool stuff too! I'm not currently playing WoW which is why all the questions. Doing some homework so I have a good multi-boxing campaign before I start. Never hurts to have too much info before you start a project! =) So thanks guys

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    Managed to get a full set of ech gear 2days after hitting level 90 am working on a ele set now and very close to be done. Playing 3 ech shammys.

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    anything I should avoid? anything I should do first?

    goin to start with my 3 warlock team on the isle this evening.

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    My warlock as a solo destruction lock was able to get most of a complete set by being careful and having the blue berry out. If you see a rare show up just wait until a group engages it, tag it and then go to town. There are chests and other scattered caches out there that have 1-2 epic tokens in it and if you are killing lots go to the cave and hit the chests. So it is an easy way to get level 90 epics to start PVE gearing. I started the island with quests greens, blues and some crafted 5.1-5.2 PVP gear. Had almost no issue killing mobs. I haven't been a jerk to people, even though I am on a PVP server, when boxing to take out alliance guys. By using my tankadin with glyph of battle healer I get some AOE heal off each attack, I have my wolves pop out on CD and am dropping healing totems on CD with ability to drop healing rain x 4 or my bigger healing totems on a 3 minute CD.

    The island is easy and fun. Great way to gear before hitting LFR or possibly some AV or IOC for honor for weapons and then off to arena.

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