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    Default EQ2 - A Few New Tips

    Just wanted to drop in a few new tips that I didn't see listed on here that should be pretty useful.


    EQ2 now has several different kinds of mounts. You have your standard Ground mounts, but over the course of the last few expansions they've added Jumping Mounts, Gliding Mounts and Flying Mounts. Unfortunately the default "Mount" button only allows the use of one mount and no easy way to swap, which can be pretty annoying since there's a lot of situations where you'll want to use one mount over another.

    Luckily you can still create macros for other mounts that don't require the Mount Panel. All you need to do is move the other mounts into your inventory and create a macro to call them from there instead.

    Just open your Mount Panel {C > Mount}. Drop your Primary mount in the Equipped slot {and an appearance mount in the Appearance slot if you like}. Drag the Summon Mount Button on to a hotbar slot.

    For any other mounts you want to be able to "Quick Swap" to, just remove the mount from your Mount Window and put it in an inventory slot in your bags. Then just create the following Macro {O opens the Macro Panel}

    Insert Mount Here

    Quick Refresher, Put in the macro Name > Add Step Command > /summon_mount > Drag the mount from your inventory and drop it under the new command > Drag the mount again and drop it on top of the Icon Square. And of course, drop your new macros on you hotbars.

    Do this for any mount you want to be able to use. My normal ground mount is my Gray Mustang Pack Horse {bonus to harvesting}. I then have additional mount buttons for my Saryrn Deathcharger {mentoring bonus} and my Glider and Jumper mounts.


    A quick and easy macro means you no longer have to click the world to gather.

    Insert The Icon For Collecting From Your Abilities Panel

    This macro will target the closest NPC, which includes Mobs, Nodes, Questgivers and Sparklies, but it won't interact with anything but nodes and sparklies.


    You may or may not have noticed that EQ2 has added "Bag Filtering". Or perhaps you noticed the extra line in my harvesting macro. This allows you to set up your bags much like some WoW addons, where certain bags are restricted to certain items. This goes a long, long way to making invetory far more manageable than in days of old.

    To make use of sorting, you'll need to get into your bag options. Open your bags and right-click in any empty slot, then select Bag Options

    In the Bag Options Window you'll see loads of stuff to adjust. Your window may look a little different if you use a different UI or the default UI {I am using DrumsUI} but it shouldn't be too different.

    From the top, you have a place to name your bag followed by a checkbox to mark the entire bag as something that's not for sale. I use this checkbox for my Harvesting bag and one other pack. This way those items never show up in the merchant windows so I don't accidentally sell those things.

    Next is the sorting options. The first is "Skip Bag". This means items will not go into that bag until every other bag is full. It also means that nothing will be pulled out of that bag when using the auto-sorting.

    Below that is a checkbox for "All Items". When this is checked, any item is allowed to be placed in that bag. When it is unchecked, only the item types selected in the scrollable window next to it will be allowed in that bag.

    I have 2 filtered bags and all the rest are unfiltered. As I mentioned, I have one for Harvestables only, which you see above and one for stuff I don't want mixed in with all the other junk I pick up. This is armor I swap to or will wear soon, potions, quest items, food/drink and my mounts for the above mount macros.

    You cannot limit the items that go into the bag AND use "Skip Bag". It's either or for those options. This means that in the case of my Harvests bag, initially everything will go into that bag as I pick it up. To get it to sort you can either use the "Sort" button in Character panel or you can use a macro command like I did in my Harvesting Macro.

    Bag sorting can use the flags name, level or tier and can be modified with ascending {a} or descending {d}

    For example

    /sort_bags name a sorts your bags in alphabetical order from a-z
    /sort_bags name d sorts your bags in reverse alphabetical order from z-a

    using a command without and ascending/descending flag defaults the bags to ascending.

    Note, "Skipped" bags will not rearrange themselves, so if you set things up in a certain order in a skipped bag, things will stay the way they are, including empty slots. Very useful for grouping things or leaving things where you can easily find them or storing things that you use in macros that call items by inventory slot.

    Random Other Bits

    You can quickly move a load of items from one bag to another, including from your bags to your banks, by dragging and dropping the entire bag. Just grab the bag from point A {say, your Character panel} and drag it to an empty slot in another open bag {say your shared bank}.

    If you drag the bag onto another bag instead of an empty slot in the bag {or container}, the bags themselves will swap out.

    You can search your inventory using the Magnifying Glass in the character panel or by using the command /finditem.
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