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    Default Dual boxing Diablo 3 with Hotkeynet, need some help!

    Alright, ive dual boxed in wow with AutoIT before..using a basic script, worked like a champ. Now im trying some D3 dual boxing..and not alot of people seem to use HKN for it. Ive spent HOURS looking on how to create my own script to do this, broad cast left and right mouse clicks to two diablo 3 screens, and 1-9 and Left Shift 1-9 and use a toggle for the 1-9 and Shift 1-9 keys, shift is very important in this script. so far ive gotten a very basic script to work, but with no toggles, and lots of errors.

    can ANYONE please help me with this, all the guides on HKN fourms are for WoW, and most are not what im looking for to start
    again, i just need 1-9, Shift 1-9 and left and right mouse buttons to broad cast to TWO diablo 3 windows.

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    HotKeyNet isn't designed to be game specific, so the general principals for any guide would largely be the same for any other game. If you've already got a basic script that works, then you've likely already overcome whatever game-specific quirks there are. For any specific help, you need to post your script and the errors you are getting.
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    Hello Condorf,

    Here are some ideal scripts that are great for Diablo 3 under HotkeyNet. I have spent countless hours writing/finding scripts under HKN for Diablo 3 specifically. I have many other hotkeys that you may want to try if your interested beyond the ones below as well once you have the basic script all done. (auto identify, quick selling for 4 characters, single button ShockNadoShards ext...) Please understand (however unlikely) some of these hotkeys could get you banned as they may infringe on the TOS so please use at your own risk.

    1. The right click hotkey below will execute 1 right click of the mouse while holding shift down for you.

     //////////Right Click//////////
    <Hotkey RButton>         
    <SendLabel w1>
    <KeyDown Shift>
    <ClickMouse Down RButton NoRestore>
    <HotkeyUp RButton>
    <SendLabel w1>
    <KeyUp Shift>
    <ClickMouse Up RButton NoRestore>
    2. The left click hotkey below will not only execute a single click for movement but the left mouse button can be held down to allow free movement via <PassThrough>. This was the biggest roadblock to D3 when I started using HKN at first. Without passthrough you are forced to click every single movement which will drive you nuts.

    //////////Left Click//////////
    <Hotkey LButton>          
    <SendLabel w1>
    <ClickMouse Down LButton NoRestore>
    <SendLabel w1>
    <HotkeyUp LButton>
    <SendLabel w1>
    <ClickMouse up LButton NoRestore>
    3. The hotkey below is also left click however it has a modifier for shift. This allows HKN to recognize those times when you want to hold shift while clicking the left mouse button. This can be duplicated for a right click + shift if you need.

     //////////Left Mouse Click + Shift//////////
    <Hotkey LShift LButton> 
    <SendLabel w1>
    <ClickMouse Down LButton NoRestore> 
    <KeyDown LShift>
    <HotkeyUp LShift LButton>
    <SendLabel w1>
    <ClickMouse Up LButton NoRestore> 
    <KeyUp LShift>

    4. The hotkey below is for your mouse wheel forward. I have mine set to execute key S which is my buffs keybind (storm armor).

    //////////Mouse Wheel Forward (BUFFS) //////////
    <Hotkey WheelForward>         
    <SendLabel w1>
    <Key S>
    5. This hotkey is your OOPS! middle mouse button, press this and it will cancel all scripts and toggle hotkeys off until you press it again. It basically stops whatever hotkeynet is doing and shuts off hotkeys until you press it again. I use this to stop hotkeynet if it is going haywire and have it built into every single script I make.

    ////////MButton cancel/toggle////////
    <hotkey Mbutton>      
    <SendPC Local>
    6. This hotkey will allow you to set your gamma higher as D3 will not let you in windowed mode. Higher is darker, lower is brighter.

    ////////////Set Gamma////////////
    <Hotkey G>           
    <SetGamma 1.00>
    7. This hotkey will hit the craft item button over and over until you click the MButton cancel/toggle hotkey. You need to have all your materials ready and open the crafting screen (Blacksmith, Jewel) and select the item to craft. Hit F3 and it will craft until you stop it. You will need to get the screen coordinates for the crafting button to use this if your running a resolution different than 1600x900. A great free program for getting monitor X/Y coordinates is cursor position on CNET:

    ////////////Crafting Loop////////////
    <Hotkey F3>           
    <ClickMouse LButton 201 656 NoRestore>
    <Wait 3500>
    <Dohotkey Hotkey F3>
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    Quote Originally Posted by rexstopher View Post
    Please understand however unlikely some of these hotkeys could get you banned as they may infringe on the TOS so please use at your own risk.
    So, why would you post them here? I've gone ahead and removed the one I believed was "questionable". If you did not read the rules of the forum, I suggest that you do.

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    My apologies MiRai, I was just excited to see someone giving HKN a try for D3. I will not upload anymore questionable scripts in this forum.

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