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    Default Community Rules - Read Before Posting

    Welcome to and thank you for joining our community! was started by Ellay as a place to showcase and discuss the practice of multiboxing in various MMOs. At the risk of being repetitive, here is a quick description of multiboxing is and is not.

    What Multiboxing Is

    Multiboxing can go by many names. It can also be called dual {or any other specific numerical delineation such as quad or 10} boxing, multi instancing or just boxing. I've even seen rare cases where it is called dual or multi logging as well as dual and multi clienting.

    No matter the name, multiboxing is a playstyle in which one person controls several characters at once in a game, usually in a cooperative effort to accomplish the same things that normally require several individual players, such as raiding, running dungeons, PvP combat or questing.

    What Multiboxing Is Not

    Multiboxing is not botting. Botting is a means of using external programs to play a game for you without you actively participating. It is generally summed up as the use of automation. While this site is about multiple different MMOs, Blizzard did a nice job explaining the difference between boxing and botting over the years, and most MMOs that allow multiboxing follow the same principals.

    Multiboxing is also not a standard playstyle. While many games do allow multiboxing in one form or another, many do not. Even games that do allow multiboxing may have different rulesets for what is acceptable practice and what is not. Never assume that what is acceptable in one game is acceptable in another. You can always check our listings here for World of Warcraft or here for some other big name games, but since rules can change at any time it's always a good idea to contact support for the game you want to play and confirm their stance on multiboxing before you invest the time and money into multiple accounts.

    Our Stance At has always been a strong community. Many people that were here with the start of the site are responsible for making multiboxing the common practice it is today by keeping within the rules of the games that we play and making a concerted effort to distinguish what we do from botting. To that end, our core principal is staying 100% compliant with all of the rules of a game as established within their Terms of Use {ToU}, End User License Agreement {EULA} and/or Terms of Service {ToS} as well as any rules or conditions put forth by other official means such as support tickets and forum posts.

    We want multiboxing to be viewed as an accepted and exciting practice in games. We do not want multiboxing to be viewed as some shady practice that revolves around "bending the rules" or "exploiting loopholes."

    Forum Rules

    • Before posting, use the search or browse the forums to see if a similar topic has already been created. Your issue may already be actively discussed or answered in a preexisting thread. Duplicate or similar threads are subject to being merged or locked with a redirection to an appropriate thread.

    • If you're going to post in a preexisting thread, be sure your post is on topic and is not a different issue altogether, especially if the thread in question is very old.

    • Post in the correct forum. There are many different subforums here and one of them should fit the topic you are interested in discussing. Mods will move threads to an appropriate forum, but repeatedly posting in a forum where your topic is "off topic" will not only create more work for the Mods, it can potentially limit the help you recieve from other posters.

    • Keep your subject lines short and descriptive and your posts clear and detailed. Long, rambling thread titles aren't helpful or cute and many people are prone to skipping threads with these kinds of subject lines. Conversely, short, non-descript thread or clickbait titles are also unhelpful. The content of your post should contain as much relevant detail as possible. See here.

    • Do not bump your own posts to try and get faster responses. The only response you are likely to get from that is a Mod scolding. These forums don't move that fast, someone will get to it eventually. If not, reconsider what you posted and see if you are missing relevant information.

    • Do not spam your own thread. Don't post a thread and then come back several times in rapid succession adding bits of new information as a new response to yourself. All posters should have the ability to edit new information into their previous post. Obviously responding to others is fine, and if someone responds to you, you should respond to them, not edit your original post.

    • In the same vein, do not crosspost. Posting the same thing in multiple subforums will get your duplicate posts deleted. If it needs to be moved, a mod will move it.

    • Stay on topic. Don't derail threads with irrelevant discussion. Off topic posts can be deleted, moved or can cause an entire thread to be locked.

    • Please refrain from posting an entire post in a non-default color or font {including all bold, all caps or large font sizes}.

      • Entire posts in non-standard formatting have been reported by multiple users to be distracting, unnecessary, and often annoying.
      • These forums offer several color themes, each with their own font styles. Altering these may make your entire post unreadable for members using a different theme.
      • Use of alternate colors should be reserved for showing specific focus on a word, sentence, title, or heading of a post or guide.
      • Entire posts in another color may be edited at Moderator leisure.

    No Tolerance Rules

    Anything that falls under the No Tolerance Policy here will result in post or thread deletion and temp or permanent bans. This includes forum posts, profile information, blogs, submissions to The Commons, our IRC channel, signatures and PMs. To quote Vecter

    As boxers we have a hard enough time legitimizing what we do to also have to deal with those that find ways to "game the system" or partake in methods that are against a games ToS. Do what you want but understand that posting on about those methods or your successes using questionable tactics or even blatant cheats will get you banned here.
    Violating No Tolerance rules associates this site, multiboxing and multiboxers with negative actions that many have fought hard to break away from. Multiboxing is still not tolerated or accepted by a lot of people and we will not be giving them fuel for their fires here. Period. This has long been a respectable community and it will remain that way.

    • No spamming. If you're only here to try and drive traffic to another site instead of actively participating in this community you will be marked as a spammer.

    • No cracks, warez, serial keys, viruses, keyloggers, phishing or other illegal information; this includes links to, as well as discussion of.

    • No begging. This includes software, hardware, virtual goods, etc.

    • No community bashing. Don't come here with the sole intention of harassing, attacking, flaming or disrupting this community or any member of it.

    • Be nice. Disrupting the community is not tolerated. This includes flaming other posters, trying to instigate negative feelings in or about the community and excessive vulgarity. This is largely an adult community and adult means acting like a civilized grownup, not a punk.

    • No attempting to circumvent a ban.

    • No discussion, advertising, or directly linking related to anything that violates a game's ToU, ToS, EULA or other rules. This includes:

      • Hacks, exploits or cheats
      • Account, item and/or currency trading/selling {unless expressly allowed under said game's rules}, leveling services.
      • Bots, including botting software or keyboard automation and other automation
      • Private servers
      • Any means of circumventing a game's anti-cheat detections or software.

    Updated and formatted based on Ellay's original Community Rules thread.

    Last Updated: February 13th, 2019
    —Updated formatting/spacing
    —Updated section on thread titles
    —Updated formatting/section on No Tolerance
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