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    Blizzard won't give a refund. Call your credit card company and file disputes. Credit card, not debit. Often the better the card and your relationship with them, the more they'll be willing to reverse a charge. American Express has been known to do it if you are simply dissatisfied with something you paid for.
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    Unfortunately i used the WoW time cards for this last round of subs. Oh well at least i was just 5 boxing and not 25.

    If they keep this change maybe its time to explore some other games or **cringe** play just a single account.

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    Let's see if our buddy GC will reply!

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    Hopefully this is a bug, because damn.

    If I was Lax I would be on the....

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    Seems the end of boxing for me.

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    no way this is intended? i mean that is a pretty fucked up thing to do when thousands of their players pay for multi accounts! And some have spent a lot of money based on /follow working.
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    To anyone who reads this thread: please visit the World of Warcraft forums and express your thoughts and opinions on this change.
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    I don't want to sound like /RageQuit, but I don't like this enough to stop playing. Going to wait for a little to get idea if intended, but as soon as I find out if it is real, I will stop my subscriptions. Sad I played from beginning and boxed from 2007. I will move on to Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm out Mar 12th. /SadFace

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    Yeah I thought there would be some angry people here....

    I really don't think this was intended. And if it was they definitally didn't think it through. They will lose thousands of accounts if this stays. And in reality they will probably lose hudreds even if they fix it. It wasn't in the patch notes and it wasn't on the PTR, so it looks like it is a bug or it slipped through the cracks without getting vetted...

    I wouldn't flame Blizz too hard on their forums yet. It isn't worth getting suspended if they just fix it in a couple of days. I am going to wait and see what their response is before I do anything drastic.

    Please, no one kill themselves just yet...
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    If they do keep this no follow I will probably cancel. I am leveling a few teams right now and the collection quest are driving me nuts. If this follow thing is part of their plan that leaves nothing but pve for me. At that point I see no reason to box. You can easily do LFD heroics and LFR solo just as easy. I may keep one account. I really looked forward to the sharing of collections that was suppose to be in this patch. I guess they took that out and just made it an anti boxer patch.
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