Hi All

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I have been 3 Boxing for a bit over a year now on Spinebreaker-US (A)
i am the GM of a small guild <Kung Fu Pandas> and only recently hit 90
on my first Multi Box Team (the 3 way split on XP gain really slows the leveling pace)
anyway i have just started to Hit Scenarios with 3x BM hunters
and i tell ya what some are easy some are hard , i think theremore is the easiest as its a simple Zerg
each objective but i have found it hard to do some of the others

i was wondering if many other Boxers out there have been trying this and what little tips or tricks you guys have found to make
3 boxing scenarios a bit easier

also if your on spinebreaker or looking for a multibox friendly guild hit us up

*next chalange Multibox Chalange Modes & Rated BG's

Seasons Greetings