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    edit note i was live streaming at 720 to:

    Ok issues fixed thanks to lax's help

    macs like to throttle the cpu no matter what u do to fix that run: ThrottleStop by tech inferno.
    as for heat not sure yet i have drilled holes in my case on the bottem so it has an intake also lifted it off the desk.
    i use Coretemp cpuz gpuz and intel extreme tuner to moniter all heat and settings.

    in AV boss fights and pvp fights i run 90c at 14x multiplier 4 boxing lowest settings 17fps forground 5fps background.

    if u download throttlestop un check "BD PROCHOT" but make sure u watch your temps.
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    Default Fix for Mac: high temp, low cpu performance.

    Ok so i decided i would fixing my MacBook Pro 17 today (this should work for every Intel-Mac) and with lots of help from Lax we found a fix.


    high temps on cpu 90-100c
    cpu multiplier going to x8 instead of stock x32 resulting in 800mhz cpu in WoW. (Mac ignores throttling shut off)

    Programs used:

    Intel Extreme Tuning Utility
    Cpuid Hardware Moniter


    2011 Late MacBook Pro 17
    i7-2760QM 2.40ghz
    8.00 gigram
    no external monitor
    1920x1200 res
    5000gb 5200rpm hdd
    bootcamp win7 ult 64bit

    Testings of maximums:

    This Screen shot is absolute maximum for multiplier with out throttling. (this is not gaming max this is just what this laptop can handle)

    Note the x18 multiplier and 95-98c temps. (anthing over 98c causes throttling.)
    Yes, i know this is a 2.4ghz cpu but with stock cooling it can only run 1.8ghz max.

    For this step Make Sure you have some Temp Monitering Software to make sure ur gpu and cpu dont over heat!!!!

    Now how do i control Throttling and my Multiplier?
    This is done with ThrottleStop.

    Bullets on the top are the different settings u can have for example 1. for gaming 2. movie watching 3. idle 4. battery power

    Now to set it up:

    Leave Clock Modulation and Chipset Clock Mod unchecked
    Check Set Multiplier and adjust it to what u want it at. (WARNING never exced OEM clocks unless u know what ur doing) In my case i under clocked it from 32x to 14x so it wouldnt over heat.
    Check Power Saver (This lets the multiplier change to a lower setting when the system isnt using full cpu power.)
    Uncheck BD PROCHOT (Not sure what it is but i found it my issue with my Muliplier stuck at 8x.) (Throttling CPU)
    Now click Save.
    Click Turn On

    There you go your multiplier is set so it wont be throttled.

    Now for my Tests i did.

    This is a 10 minute idle test to get a base line.

    Everything seemed fine temps were all normal.

    5 Minute stress Test.

    Once again everything looks ok temps are high but not to high that i have to worry.

    Cool down before WoW Test.

    Everything is cooled down and back to normal.

    WoW settings and IsBoxer Cpu settings.

    Now for WoW idle Test.

    Once again everything is running Great!

    Final WoW pvp Test.

    All temps are normal temp little high but with poor cooling on the macbook pros you cant expect better.

    Also this setting allows me to turn my multiplier up to 16x or leave it at 14x and livestream and watch netflix with out over heating.

    If you have any questions let me know or if im missing something or have a misspelling or what not.
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    Threads merged. Keep like issues together, it doesn't help people to have to redirect to another thread to follow an issue from start to fix.
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    the issue with that is the title saying issue with macbook pro not all mac that are intel base plus shouldnt the tutorial be first post also some things in there were not said in this forum post. maybe im wrong but with 100s off ppl that have this issue isnt this just burring it alittle.

    maybe a better way would have been to merge it the opposite way. with the main post being the first instead of the last.

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