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    Default Need some input from Pandaria 90s.

    Hi everyone,

    Back to WoW after a year+. I wasn't sure if I'd like the pandas, but the expansion is a lot of fun so far.

    Anyway, first team is all 89 about to ding 90. Other teams are all 85. What are the money makers right now with professions, drops, items? Any transmutes for Alchemy or other skills that is worth doing every day? What about cloth types? Gems? Anything I'll need once 90 to craft my own epics?

    Just want to make sure I am doing the once a day type things on all professions on all characters as I level them up.

    Thanks in advance for the advice and help.
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    I think its still a bit early to know the best money makers. On my server Draka, gems and glyphs dont sell, enchants sell slowly. Living steel and golden lotus are probably what will sell the best now and future.

    I am guessing that for the future you will want alchemists to transmute living steel, and you want exalted with tillers to grow songbell and trade for golden lotus.

    It did not take me long to get exalted with Tillers for 16 farm plots.

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    I'm running 4 alchemists and 2 scribes atm. I have 3 transmute spec alchemists, and 1 for flasks. Golden lotus goes to the flask guy, ghost iron is transmuted to trillium bars for the daily living steel transmutes. Margin on flasks isn't great, but with procs its profitable. Living steel I'm making over 100g profit per bar before you factor in procs from the trillium or living steel transmute, so i make a minimum 400g per day just off living steel. I also have a max tailor with the first set of epic patterns, he can make a set of gloves every 4 days, or a set of robes every 6. They sell for 2k or so for gloves, 2-5k for the robes.
    inscription is a money maker, but its hard to say just how much I've made off of it.
    tillers veggie farming was good early in the expac, with some still selling for 5g each.

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    If you have an enchanter, make sure you are doing Sha Crystals every day. The high-end enchants eat a LOT of them and you can only do one a day per enchanter.
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    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the tips and advice.
    Pally, mage, druid, priest and shaman on Staghelm.

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