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    Default 5xPaladin 1Tank-4Ret RDF Maraudon. level 32-33

    Hi =)

    Wanted to try out 5x paladin to get access to RDF with only me in it ^^

    This was the first vid I made, with windows movie-maker =S.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    (I seen alot of videos here on the past years and got alot of help reading the forums- so thanks for that

    I recently bought a new computer, since MoP ,the old one couldn't handle it anymore. Im really happy about the new rig, no lagging on any windows. I had to turn down the overclock to 4,9Ghz because I feelt my voltage was to high even though temp was fine and I noticed some errors during rendering I didn't like,so didn't seem so stable as I thought)

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    If I was you I would lower your CPU, the 3770k anything over 4.6ghz is going to kill it. It may last a year but after that get rdy for problems Ive worked with Nvidia in Australia and we use the 3770k, tested it's life span at 4.6ghz to anything over and you dont see much difference in performance for gaming. But anyway decent pc setup

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