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    Default Heroic: Scholomance

    Comp: DKx4 Resto shaman

    If you can mind control the big undead it really improves Damage output.

    Instructor Chillheart: kill the first trash pack and engage the boss. She will kill the other students in the room.
    P1 Don't touch the ice wall since it will one shot. Otherwise it's a simple tank and spank/don't stand in anything.
    P2 Just dps, nothing to see here

    Jandice Barov
    Position the group behind her, and either move the tank, or just eat it, when she casts Wondrous Rapidity. When she starts spinning, kill the images until respawns. And don't stand in the Gravity Flux.

    Rattlegore: Before you pull the boss, make sure the whole party has a bone shield. He won't aggro if you touch the two bone piles closest to the door, just wait for them to respawn. During the fight if you see one of your characters has lost the bone shield, you should swap to them and refresh it. When rattlegores rusting hits 8+ I start to kite until it falls off.

    Lillian Voss
    P1: She will occasionally jump to a ranged and do a small AOE around them. The big thing this phase is here Death's Grasp which pulls everyone to her and then places Dark Blaze on them which causes them to leave fire where ever they walk. For this i use a spread out macro as well as AMS. With the Risen Guards I can DPS her fast enough to avoid this move.
    P2: A new boss appears and randomly selects a character. Swap to that character and kite the boss. She can target the tank and then you can just dps her.
    P3, a mix of both P1 and P2. I ignore the wandering soul and just dps her doing my best no to stand in fire.

    Darkmaster: Very simple tank and spank. He will occasionally teleport one of your guys into a side room. You can swap to him if you like, but I don't see a need for this.

    Now if only they would drop a two hander...

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    My slaves disconnect during the Dark Blaze phase of Lillian Voss, disabling ALL addons did not help. It are only the slaves, even cannot get them to move or something. So annoying since it's not a hard fight or something.
    Ticketed it, but wait time is terrible (6 days...)
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    Some additional comments on the OP's strats:

    Chillheart: Spread out for both phases. Do not stack.

    Barov: As long as you don't stand near a wall, gravity flux will kick you out of it, so don't worry too much about it. Again, spread out for this one.

    Rattlegore: Group near the center of the room because the fire hurts a LOT. Pick up bone shield when you can, but the more critical thing is to stay far away from the blue flame. I heroism on this boss and pop all cooldowns. Also, Rusting is based on hitting the tank, so use as much avoidance as you can throughout the fight. You can stack near the center of the room if you like.

    Voss: When you get dark blaze, I just put everyone on follow and run in a wide circle until it wears off. At one point, you will get dark blaze AND someone will be fixated. When you stop running, choose the one that is fixated and run away. This will give you plenty of time for the next fixate. if she fixates the tank, just eat it. There's no reason to run.

    Gandling: Again, I hero and pop cooldowns here. The damage is pretty low. The only thing is that your tank needs to AOE for the zombies that come out. You'll need some awareness here to get your toon back to the right room, but it's not really that hard.
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    Was just in here. Doing the Rattlegore fight turned me off. Picking up bone shields off the ground? No thanks. I hate ground collects in quests let alone a fight involving ground collects.

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    It's easy since you can start the fight with all chars having the buff, then just switch to whichever char that had it removed and pick a new thingy.

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    I just get the buff on my healer and one dps before the fight and have the tank pick it up while fighting. I blow all cooldowns and just burn him down before he can kill all my of my party. I find putting PWS on the targeted player or healing them after the bone spike is easier than running around and clicking on the ground objects.

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    First 3 bosses were east for my team.. But voss destroyed me! Ill have to find a way to move my guys better i guess. Dark blaze was what did me in.

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    I just hit 90 on my DK team and got Scholo, I got up to Voss as well and got him down to 20% in the 3rd phase twice before wiping. I think it's a gear thing. I also dislike the extra coordination melee teams require for PvE

    At this point being in greens I think it's a gear gap issue.
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    There was someone here at the begging of MoP that had leveled paly and 4 shaman to 90.. then 5 palys.. he said the palys were easier than the ranged team, maybe due to all the passive healing from battle healer?
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    ya I'd imagine pumping out that dps causes more healing. If your guys are doing 30k dps each, that's 10k offhealing per second to whoever needs it x4. 40k per second. Damn that's gotta be nice, only problem is their burst for pvp doesn't offset it ;/
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