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    Default MoP dungeons collected - WIP

    Just thought I'd start up a thread for the current MoP dungeons and how they are looking/progressing in terms of being boxable from the start, perhaps as a way for leveling up away from the crowds in initial launch.

    Temple of the Jade Serpent

    • Wise Mari - Not sure how boxable this will be given lag and facing requirements in phase 2. Shaman with glyph of lightning may be good here for dps so they can keep nuking while running, or have runspeed enchants on any class to get far enough ahead of the water stream to give you time to nuke before having to run again. That said, I have seen a paladin solo it down so might be a case of blowing dps cooldowns to do burst and then let them die and finish it off with your tank
    • Strife/Anger or Monk - Either of these look pretty boxable as mainly tank'n'spank with healing check
    • Lui - Again looks to be good for boxing as long as you can control slaves to move out of waves path or dragon trails
    • Sha of Doubt - Easily boxable as long as you can do good aoe for phase 2 and are quick with removing the curse.

    Stormstout Brewery
    • Ook-Ook - Not sure how boxable this will be without outgearing it due to the random barrels and having to constantly shift slaves. This may be one to keep slaves on follow but there will still be latency issues for both the barrels and running through Ook to avoid his frontal cone attack.
    • Gauntlet - Shouldn't be too bad with master grabbing the hammers
    • Hoptalius - Whirlwind looks avoidable, carrot breath looks more avoidable than Mari's water, likely have to have slaves follow in the bunny phases while main grabs hammer and kills the vermin. If the hammers last indefinitely then this will be a lot easier as you just get all characters to pick up one during the gauntlet and spam it as needed in the aoe phase
    • Yan-Zhu - Could be an issue getting everyone into the bubbles for phase 2 but other than that a simple tank'n'spank

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    Suns was basically a tank and spank. Twins was indeed a healer almost oom fight the first time, additional attempts were simple enough.
    Wise Mari - stack team against the opposite door. plenty of space to clear p1 adds and still in range of boss for p2. bosses water stream isn't a 1-hit k/o, and is heal-able.
    Lui- as it says in OP. make sure projected textures are on. waves seem to always go towards the corners of the room.
    Sha- stacking the whole team together on the tank seemed to work fine. Left alts on follow to face boss or mobs at the right time.

    ook-ook. as you enter the room, there is a fake door to your left. stack toons in there and face outwards. then when you pull the boss, position him to get hit by barrels rolling towards your toons. Fight becomes tanknspank. I'll get a screenshot and upload it to better explain.
    gauntlet - as in OP
    Hoptalius - stack toons on the left side ( as you enter) tank boss away from toons and whirlwind and breath become almost non-issues. tank close to the right hand side to make hammering mob spawns easy. spank him.

    above is normal dungeons.
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    Did both of these instances yesterday with 4 elemental shamans and 1 blood DK! You can ignore most of the tactics and just zerg your way through it. Gives good XP and gets you pretty good loot I'll update in this post when i lvl up and do more dungeons in MoP

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    The Sha of Doubt was quite hard for me yesterday. Took me about 5 or 6 tries yesterday to get him down. The group were 4 Eles and a Warri Tank. The debuff is magic or am i wrong? Otherwise stupid me ... could have dispelled that. I always had problems killing the adds, because of me not able to use earthquake (no mouse broadcasting) ... The final taktik was to shuffle around and nuke them one by one. Other than that ... most of the bosses so far are only tank and spank.

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    @Barazanthul . yeah its a magic debuff. you'll need a rsham to dispel it. Use chain lightning spam for the adds. they go down like a knife through butter.


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    I just pop healing tide + healing rain when I get the debuff! You can easily ding 86-87 with these 2 dungeons

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    Glad to hear this 8) Should be 86 and in quest greens first i imagine?
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
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    @Lyonheart: I walked into the instances with 85 and mostly PvP gear. My main had some DS Hero items. My Tank was in full offgear with sword, shield and in tank specc. So it is not really hard. Only the Shaa is hard .... the rest is mostly tank and spank.

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    I did not play much in Cata, i played a lot of teams to 85 but never geared most of them up. My shamies have about 70% of season 10 BG gear. I'll give it a shot though.
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    The questgreens in the starting zone are ilvl 372 and the blues are 400+. So if you are struggeling too hard, just make the first quests. In addition beeing ranged is a big bonus, because i think several bosses are very meele unfriendly.

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