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    Ok so is it me ? I can't get this to work. Any help here would be appreciated. I follow the steps and it all loads but doesn't update the file when I hit the set positions tab. I go to reopen the file in ISBoxer after I hit set positions and it still has the original settings. Here is my file if you need to look at it. Its based off of Rikers set up and its pretty much clean except for me adding my team. I'm only running 3 right now to level up with my other 50. Then it will be four. Paste ID 5691888832
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    Is this tool still available, both link don't look like there working.

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    Sorry my website is having issues lately and most of the tools I had up there are now lost.
    I think I still have a copy of this laying around. However if your using ISBoxer its pretty much built in now.

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