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    Default [SWTOR] nonchanneling option?

    is there a way to tell the game to finish casting or channeling before attempting to cast something else? or are we stuck with instant cast for now until a proper macro system is implemented?

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    Depends on what software youre using. If its ISBoxer, I know you can make dps keys even if you are only pressing one casting key, and you can set it to "Do not proceed to the next step until X seconds." Its not ideal, but it works. Ideally, you would want to setup some dps rotating keys, to include channeled skills and attacks.

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    i know but i wanted to have kind of a wow setup where you just place a skill on your bar and if it is casted or channelled, it will do so without interruption, as im leveling that would be easier than having to setup my rotation manually each time i get a new skill.

    thanks tho, i guess ill have to go with that for now, what mmo doesn't have macros? that really bugs me

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    No in-game macros in SWTOR. There are dozens of threads on the Bioware forums with people asking for addons, macros, etc . . . but no official response so far (that I've seen). Can always hope. Even the generic follow/assist/target macros that 99% of modern MMO's have would make our lives easier.

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