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    Quality is only ok.

    When you are stationary its fine but when you move its minecraft. No idea what you have your bit rate set at, you might try 3k. Quality is generally detemined by your upload speed, 5+ mps at least, more is better.

    Also might want to play around with your webcam and try an angle either left or right side.

    Only watched for a few, best of luck!

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    Fat Tire's right, I was watching while you were pretty much standing still an answering those questions and then I left to start dinner. Now that you're in an instance and there's lots of action going on it's definitely showing stutter and pixels.

    If you're using XSplit, I added a guide to the first post in this thread that should help you get the most out of your setup while streaming.

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    Awesome thanks guys, will wrap this stream up tonight soon then do these fixin's.
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    I'm using:

    Enable Game Source
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Frame Rate: 29.97 FPS
    Preset: Very Fast
    Quality: 10
    Max Bitrate: 2300 (kbps)
    Buffer: 4792
    Audio: 44,100 16-bit Stereo, AAC LC, 96,000 Bitrate.
    I'm not saving the video, so don't really care about the compression, hence only 'Very Fast' on the Preset; I'd also like to 10-box without changing settings, so the relatively low CPU usage is great.
    I've had the best results with a buffer twice that of the total Bit Rate.

    Chances are, I could go with higher settings...
    But the quality is great (all of my game text, or my iTunes playlist, is legible while streaming).
    And having several torrents going, doesn't impact my stream.

    For reference, I box with an i7, 3930K (OC @4.5GHz), 32GB 1600MHz CL8 Ram, GeForce 670 GTX 4GB, OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD x2 (in Raid 0).
    My internet is: Shaw Broadband 250 (250Mbps Download, 15Mbps Upload).

    I have three main scenes.

    The first is the primary monitor only.
    The second is the primary monitor, plus the slave regions along the bottom (scaled down)... as if I were boxing with all regions displayed and on one monitor; to be able to scale the slave windows down, I had to use screen region capture rather than game source for the Slave Windows.
    The third is a non-broadcast screen, in my case the WHMIS sheet for the Element: Woman.

    I generally run with Scene 1.
    But do regularly get requests for the "boxing" view.
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    Thanks for the information as well Ualaa and thank you everyone to tuned in last night it was fun. I modified some settings on my xsplit and it should be even more smooth now, excited to stream again but it won't be until probably Monday but from then on. It's on!
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    As promised... back to streaming nightly starting tonight in roughly 90 minutes. Not sure if I should make another thread for this so I don't spam up other peoples things.
    The quality should be much improved and I am tinkering on the idea of building a new PC if it is warranted.
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    so that's what happens... it warned me not to re-enable aero as windows overlap or this or that
    I thought it was a performance thing but I saw no difference

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    yep i found that out from watching my stream on my other computer. also is i possible to not have to post when u stream since if im home im streaming? i feel like i may flood the forum if i keep posting when i stream.

    also 52 yay and streaming again.

    maybe first page we have a list of all the stream links and there about online times. or a system to check if there live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by katielynn View Post
    maybe first page we have a list of all the stream links and there about online times. or a system to check if there live.
    As listed on the first page of the thread, Lax has a Streaming Section set up in The Commons. Anyone who wants to stream on a regular basis should probably contact him about getting added.
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    Not sure if I should keep posting this every day, but I'm now streaming. Probably will for most of the day. The first few hours may have some configuration time as I refine my rogues, but mostly just doing PvP. Come by and say hello! If there is interest we can join Skype so everyone can chat.
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