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    Ok, here is the quick and dirty.

    It works. In fact it works very well. At the start of a match, quickly cycle through each hotkey map. Bingo you have functioning autofollow/assist setup without the hassle of manually changing the hotkeys.

    More over, I've had some pretty solid success with my Commandos in warzones. It's been a bit of a learning process. I started out as Gunnery spec. It was ok but due to the broken nature of autofollow my mobility was so severely hampered that I was literally stuck in just a few locations in each warzone. So I switched to Medic.

    Medic is working out much better overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercbeast View Post
    At the start of a match, quickly cycle through each hotkey map.
    Enplane this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyonheart View Post
    Enplane this?

    In the original post I described a keymap system that had 4 Utility Keymaps.

    Each one of these keymaps can be turns off or on. Each of the keymaps has a follow and an assist. I name them Assist F1-Assist F4. They run their assist/follow macros off of party 1 through party 4 respectively. So the Utility F1 Keymap is assisting and following party slot 1. Utility F4 keymap is assisting and following party slot 4.

    I use control-f1 etc to target party members.

    All macros I use now that use assist or autofollow have all 4 assist or follow macros called. At the start of a warzone I will swap to my secondary character and hit Ctrl-F1 Ctrl-F2 Ctrl-F3 Ctrl-F4 until it targets my lead. Once I find that party slot, I toggle the corresponding keymap on, and turn the other 3 off.

    By doing this my DPS/Follow macros can be switched on the fly to work off of any party slot.

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