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    Default Cata - Well of Eternity Heroic


    Spread out, dps to his vanish. While DPSing he will Fel Flames one toon at a time. Just move them forward to backward a little and keep going. Alternative you could just have everyone move forward or back a little each time he casts it. When he vanishes, just have everyone follow and run around the edge of the ring. On the first try I got the achieve. If he catches one of you, have your tank taunt and do NOT restart DPS. He'll turn back to your slave again when the taunt runs out and kill them, so use your second taunt and you're golden. Alternatively you could just have your tank be the one that gets caught.

    After the vanish wears off, it's the same as the first part. Spread out and DPS again avoiding Fel Flames.

    Queen Azshara:

    This was explained in the End Times post, but I'll somewhat repeat it here: Just make a line such that all your DPS can see the others and start killing the adds. Set the queen on focus and be ready to interrupt her very long wipe-cast. When you see the Arcane mage spinning, interrupt or stun it. If someone gets picked up, attack the strings. Otherwise, pretty simple... Almost like a trash pack.

    Mannoroth and Varo'then:

    Set your toons to follow and start killing Varo'then. When you see the Fel Firestorm, start running IMMEDIATELY. If you get caught, you will die. It is unhealable. Just avoid the flames and re-position. About half-way, Tyrande will get captured, so just kill the two big demons and go back to Varo'then. While she is captured though you need to pick up the other demons, but they don't hit hard. After Varo'then dies, just click on his sword.

    Run to the far side of Mannoroth and start DPSing. Same thing for Fel Firestorm...just run around with your slaves following. When the demons start coming out, just have your tank pick them up. They don't hurt. Otherwise it's just a lot of spank without the tank.

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    Thanks for posting your strats. You make it sound easy, but I'm sure you've got some level of skill to throw in there as well.

    Still, I'm sure lots of boxers will be downing these with regularity soon.
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    Thanks, but actually it was a number of wipes to figure out what I've posted. In fact I was pretty frustrated on Queen Azshara for a while and just quit to come back later. It takes least for me. Mainly I find that I just need to figure out the script sequence/timing and it all comes together from there. The intent here was to post the important parts.

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    On Peroth'arn or whatever it's his name (first boss), I found that it is lot faster and more convenient to not run around after he vanishes and the eyes come. I just pop tank cooldown and trigger an eye as they spawn so I can continue to dps straight away.
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    I think well of eternity is the easiest out of the 3. Only the first boss is a bit of tougher. I was able to do this with my melees with around 375 gear (mixed pvp gear from season 11).

    First boss is a bit of DPS race. So I just stick together and drag him across the courtyard.

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    So full of fail cracks me up, I need to re-record the 2nd boss no idea how fraps got stuck at that weird angle. Then Mannorth forgot to click the sword GG.
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