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    Default Cata - 10 Boxing Pit Lord Argaloth

    Finally had the gear and the time to learn this encounter. Took two nights practicing it. Video Link of the entire fight here:

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    GratZ. That is awesome!!
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    I wonder if Mercurio can do this.

    Edit: ok I watched this and you are tempting me to 10 box. How do you tank him without a tank swap?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Multibocks View Post
    I wonder if Mercurio can do this.

    Edit: ok I watched this and you are tempting me to 10 box. How do you tank him without a tank swap?
    This can be done with a hunter pet tanking, because they take like 0 aoe dmg Everyone else stack opposite of the pet so there is 0 raid dmg - Profit.

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    So you mean I could do this with 9 hunters and a paladin?

    <Autobots Roll Out>

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    Oooh I would love to see that. Go ahead and fraps that

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    Comment from wowhead
    I have personally tanked this twice as a BM Hunter with my turtle.

    Raid makeup was 2 healers, 8 DPS.

    Positioning is similar to the regular method, except the entire raid is to the Left, and the pet going to the Right.

    With the pets ability to completely ignore the bosses two AOE's, Meteor Slash and Fel Firestorm, no taunting is needed. Everyone stands there and dps's, with the healers dispelling and healing the pet. The healers said the pet was a little squishier than most tanks, but when I put my mend pet into my rotation (which has the same cooldown as kill command, btw) their job was lessened, and mana wasn't an issue.

    While the boss casts Fel Firestorm the pet repositions to behind the boss, like any good pet. This means the entire raid, which should be running anyway, makes there way to where the pet was, and resumes dps.

    Bloodlust after the second Fel Firestorm is the same.

    Positioning the pet correctly was the hardest part for me. I had to keep mend pet up, and keep up with the dps on threat. I also had to give the pet 5 seconds to get aggro, and I misdirected to him to start with and then 30 seconds in. We had a mage that had an issue with aggro during the lead in, but he held off and let the pet get aggro, and let go after the first Fel Firestorm.

    I had gear about ilvl 346 when I did this, and we got it down with only 4 wipes, which were more learning the fight issues than anything else.

    I know that this kind of make up will only last till the next boss comes out in Baradin Hold, but it will be fun while it lasts!

    This was done before patch 4.1, so I'm not sure if it is still viable. I will try it again this week and update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Multibocks View Post
    Oooh I would love to see that. Go ahead and fraps that
    that sounds like a fun fight, would love to see that too!

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    Nice work. Interesting how with better gear you can ignore the tank swap.

    When we were doing this every week 4-8 times when it was current, we would always split into two groups. Most of the time I would run 5 and someone else would run the other 5. Kang and I duoed it multiple times a week for a while there when he was only playing one toon and I'd play the other nine. That was interesting, esp. when a lot of my guys were still in blues. I would attach four of my dudes to his healer or DPS and have him run me around during the fire phase. While I ran my other five around. With my current toons that well over gear this, I'll bet I could just set one leading toon on auto run during fire and solo it. However, I've never tried it, so think you may be the only one who has done it completely solo. Congrats.

    I'd suggest you try Omnitron in BWD next. It isn't too hard if your gear is decent. Just spread your guys out in a semi-circle and use one tank to tank whichever two are up in the middle/back of the room. Kill the slimes immediately, make sure your tank maintains aggro, and you can ignore all the other mechanics. Did them three times last week and three this week once I realized that they drop some Druid transmog shoulders I'm after

    Good luck and thanks for sharing!
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