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    Yeah, I have 5 under 1 and, as pointed out above, you only have to worry about the auth now and then with the changes they have made.

    1 thing to remember though is if you go to log in and all accounts ask for an auth key just type it into one an dlog in then log out and redo your password on all of them since you're going to have to anyway if you try to enter the same auth code into all 5 clients

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    Thanks that's a really clever trick! i will use that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenril View Post
    This is only for people that had it set up prior to Blizzard's change. A single authenticator can only be attached
    to a single BNet account these days.
    Ack. Thanks for the correction. Updated my original post.
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    1 battlenet, most heirloom gear is now account bound so it gives you greater flexibility. Also you get instant mail between accounts under one battlenet, no more wait time. (though if all your toons are in a sufficiently leveled guild that makes that benefit moot)

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    I got my 5 accounts on 1 aswell.

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