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    Exclamation Instance Boosting Changes

    Hey guys, Back again to play WoW cause of the new RAF to 80 now I noticed that SFK has changed and no clue how to pull it I gave it a shot and it seems most of the mobs reset. Now what about the other instances, I was wondering does anyone have new Guides of how to boost for 4.2 with a Pally my pally is very geared atm.
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    Sticky at the top of this forum:

    I don't know if it specifically answers your question but it would be better to post there since it's a sticky and
    this post is likely to get buried much quicker.

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    the way I do it is just park the team at the entrance and then run through with paladin spamming consecrate, hammer or righteous and judgement. Don't worry about trying to round mobs up into a big group before killing just play like it's a run'n'gun shooter game, should take about 12 minutes to clear.

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    Yea more like how they pulling there trash now in instances see if any other ones had changed. and thanks Keytestorme I thought they would not get the XP but they do

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    another big change is in sm cath, there are 4 abomss that will tank stuff in the lower courtyard, and there aren't mobs in the first hall anymore either. they also split strathlome into 2 seperate instances, which kinda sucks, but jst another thing to get used to.
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