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    Same with 18 mirror image mages (add pets if I go frost)

    This is my current plan for 31 boxing tweaked it a bit cause I am not locked into level 50 guys I have anymore.

    1 Prot Pal (tank/main)
    18 Fire Mage (pvp) (archane during pve phase)
    3 Demon Warlock (ritual of summoning, offtank pets also good for longest range attack in pvp)
    6 Resto Shaman (healing)
    1 circle of healing talented Priest (mass dispel)
    1 Stealth talented Rogue (stealth targeting of enemies, locks)
    1 anti magic shell talented DK (death grip, offtank?)

    Forgot some of the talents but I know the spell/abilites I want.
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    So my RAF is still active, though I think I leveled my 4 new toons from 1 to 85 before 4.2.
    Does the RAF remember all the dings till 80, or only the ones till 60 ?

    Leveling one toon from 1 to 80 gave my slave toons 40 level grants, that times 4 makes 160 level grants together. I have linked RAF like (A-B, A-C, A-D, A-E)

    If I now make DK on account A, and then have B granting 25 levels to him, that would do 55 to 80 aye?
    Then I would move the fresh DK to account E and create a new one on A account, grant levels, move A to D, rinse repeat..

    In the end I should have five lvl 80 DKs after 125 level granting and still having 35 free level grants available. Did I get this right?

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