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    Default EVE chat rooms in and out of game

    EVE Online in-game chat rooms:

    • - Any multiboxers welcome
    • ISBoxer - Any multiboxers welcome, but I'd probably expect more ISBoxer users than not.
    • ... Both of these channels have regulars, and some people (including myself) are in both. Join via the in-game chat system

    Out of game chat rooms:

    • EVE multiboxing chat: #isboxer-eve - Join in browser
      • EVE multiboxing discussion. The chat room is obviously sponsored by ISBoxer, but anyone who enjoys discussing the game or multiboxing it is certainly welcome to come chat with us! 10-15 users so far, started yesterday!
    • ISBoxer chat: #isboxer - Join in browser
      • This is generally filled with ISBoxer support. Usually around 30-50 users
    • chat: #dual-boxing - Join in browser
      • This is's main chat that you can find via "Live IRC Chat" at the top of Usually around 20-30 users
    Author of ISBoxer
    Video: ISBoxer Quick Start

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    Thanks for the heads up. Haven't used IRC in years!!
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    i ilde in most of the rooms.

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    Isboxers Lounge

    In-game un-moderated channel where a few of us hang out and talk about EVE and whatever.

    Most of us have swapped over to ISBoxer Tavern. There is an admin, but nobody will be kicked or banned if you multibox.
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    Wanna earn your customer's respect? Go to bat for them. Defend them and what they do. Don't roll over on command, and don't punish them for being human beings. And no, this ain't aimed at CCP.

    Keep pretending you care about EVE ISBoxers and not just their money, Lax.

    Come hang out with us in the channel "Isboxers Lounge" and discuss fittings, doctrines, or just shoot the breeze. Unlike the forums, we won't ban you for what you say. IGN: "AayJay Crendraven" and "Nolak Ataru".

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