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    So I got it solo am so happy this is the first season and the first time i really done any dualboxing in pvp and all my hardwork has paid off .

    this group i was played with a few times tonight and they was capping out points and xp for the guild by playing each other i think they just got fed up with me and quit this time

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    Nice and great work.

    I just got my team 1750.

    Apparently we beat the same team so many times one person created an alt on our server to bitch at us.

    He messaged my paladin healer partner, they thought he was in control! LOL.

    I need to get the screen shots from my healer so I can post them here.

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    Great work Ebony!
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    Yeah congratulations. I think that is the fun thing about this group being so functional without a separate player. I saw in the German forums that sephice is up around 2300 with his team now running 3 blood, 1frost too!???

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    Congratzz! =)
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    Grats It's no small thing to do it solo.
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    Playin late into the night

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