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    Default TBC - Hyjal Summit

    Anyone multiboxed this, especially port cataclysm?

    Right now, 4 boxing a set of 85 casters & a druid tank, I'm getting overrun by the waves of trash at the beginning as I can't regain mana fast enough between waves.

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    Is your mage making food for your group? Just AOE down and then drink between waves. Stay back where all the guards are and you should have a good 20-30 seconds between waves. You might want your tank to just go kitty and swipe for this stuff. You don't really need a tank for these level 71-72 mobs.

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    I was able to down the first two bosses with only a rogue and resto druid. What are the problems you are having? The trash mobs seem to do virtually no damage at all.

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