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    I'd rate headed south pretty hard. Especially if you want to get all toons the achv at once.
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    Updated Prototype Prodigy to Easy with strat.

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    Default My progression and feedback on Cata - Glory of the Cataclysm Hero

    This is with my 1 prot pala 1 resto druid 3 elemental shaman team


    Lost City of The Tol'Vir
    Headed South Keep 3 melee add alive. DPS boss down to ~10% (I know it has damage reduction shield). It will take a while. When boss at ~10% kill the 1st two melee adds, then pop bloodlust when you are in a central position, kill 3rd add, it'll remove the bosses aura, then kill boss. This way it is pretty easy to get the achievement on all toons at the same time.
    Kill It With Fire! Drag the fire bird in a line, then position your team at one end of the line, your tank at the other. This way when add spawns from your team they go through the fire gaining the debuff so you can kill them. Note: There is no add name Burning Souls, you have to kill those shadowy images when they stand in fire.
    Acrocalypse NowI had to make a button that does no attack, also had to make sure my toons don't attack when I taunt. The "difficulty" of this achievment is not killing any small crocks by mistakes. When you get the 5th wave you just pop all CD and aoe them down.

    Ready for Raiding Extremely easy, just strafe when the firewall is up.
    Rat Pack You just need to survive for a while. Every time someone gets picked up and charged into the timber, rats spawn. Try to be close by and aoe them down quick if you want to get the achievement done in one kill.
    Prototype Prodigy Extremely easy with current gear (~465 ilevel) and ranged team.
    It's Frost Damage After 1st knock, I got knocked into water, then while I was waiting to wipe, I've got the achievement. Pretty weird. I guess if you don't want to wipe then you have to stay inside the cabin.
    I'm on a Diet Just burn the boss down, don't bother with the food, strafe out of the aoe.
    Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator What I did is get to the part after those lightning orb walls. Once you get outside, just mount up, start running towards the boss. When you get wiped because you didn't save the NPCs, just ankh, mount up and keep running to the boss, pull her and you get achievement.

    Shadowfang Keep
    Pardon Deniad Popped bloodlust at pull, only had to interrupt once.
    To the Ground! Popped bloodlust at pull, boss was dead as the 1st wave of adds spawned. Didn't have to interrupt anything
    Bullet Time Always decurse if you fail to interrupt. When ghouls spawn I used consecration to gather them, then some kind of cooldown every time I moved into the pistol barrage. Had to do 3 waves of ghouls. If you keep rest of team close to boss then they can get away with very little movement to avoid pistol barrage, I mostly just run through the boss then hit follow to make them face boss again.

    Throne of the Tides
    Old faithful I just hexed both caster adds, tanked big add at about 50% HP, while killing small adds one by one. Then when boss come again I just moved big add into a pool while using cooldown on tank.
    Prince of Tides Keep the big add alive. Keep your team close, so when he is doing his cone attack you can turn it away fast from your team.

    Grim Batol
    Umbrage for Umbriss Crowd control the purple add then dps boss down to ~10%. Kill crowd controlled add on top of boss, then kill boss.
    Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet Key is to have some kind of slow and save cooldowns for when adds come. Slow them and kill them before they start to channel

    Blackrock Caverns
    Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls After killing the chains, quickly move out with follow, then move back in, as you turn around just make your toons turn manually. I didn't even need to use cooldown on tank.
    Arrested Development This one surprisingly only required 4 wipes. What I did was have 1 dps and tank soak beams. Tank took middle, dps took right one. When first add transforms, I interrupt it then kill it, while keeping an eye on my debuff (tank). If you move like that you move in with your tank first into the beam then with your dps, then you basically only have to keep track of one buff, because you move them one by one manually. Once first add is dead stop soaking the beam with the dps, let that add get transformed while managing the beam on the tank. Don't forget to interrupt 2nd transformed add as it transforms. After 2nd add is dead it's a cake. In case you forget to interrupt just use a tank cooldown and heal up. Also having some boss mod for the fear cast is useful so you get some kind of sound warning when you need to pop a tremor, I think grounding might work too, but I didn't bother to make sure that it does.
    Too Hot to Handle Really easy, just do as you'd normally do. Stack boss up to like 8 on first go, then move out dps him till stack is about to drop off, then push the stacks up 2 by 2 till you reach 15-16. This way it is easy to heal up the party.
    Ascendant Descending The hardest so far. What I did was place the 3 shamans in a triangle for earthbind totem. Have the resto druid constantly root one add. Then run around in a circle with the tank draggin the two adds and the boss. Making sure I have both taunts up for every 33%. The challenging part is the random factor when the adds just turn away for no apparent reason and then you get stunned while an add is close to you.

    Halls of Origination
    Faster Than the Speed of Light Had this done ages ago, just don't pull extra packs and kill bosses fast, gear check pretty much.
    I hate that Song Starting positions looked like this. Healer + 1 Dps middle of bridge, 1 - 1 DPS on either stairs (in a way so they only have to move forwards towards the levers). Pala tank with retribution aura and spamming holy wrath runs and gathers the snakes before engaging the boss. I used divine protection as I was running back to pull boss. Pull boss as soon as in range and position tank in middle of bridge but a bit in front of the 1 healer and 1 dps, do a consecration for a bit of extra threat. As boss reaches 70% hp, I use click to move on the 1 - 1 dps standing on the stairs to move them to the levers. When boss reaches 66% I'm already ready to click the levers. As boss becomes interrupt-able I use Avenger's Shield to interrupt the boss. Now I pop bloodlust and dps the boss down to 33%. Click levers again and finish the boss off. The benefit of this positioning is that from the Tanks main window you can see all of your toons, if any of them gets the blue flame under them you just strafe out of it (I strafe with all at the same time), just make sure you strafe opposing directions every blue frame. Once left once right, so your healer + 1 dps doesn't fall off the bridge. Needless to say you have to keep your eye out for dispelling too.
    Straw That Broke the Camel's Back Strafe out of every possible thing.
    Sun of a.... I got this a while ago without even really trying. If you have all cooldowns you can probably do this easy.

    Vortex Pinnacle
    No Static at All Jump!
    Extra Credit Bonus Stage If you have problem finding them just go to wowhead and read a couple of comments.

    Rotten to the Core Pull the boss from the side without agroing the small adds in front of her. When she lands aka her shields gets removed pull all the 3 groups of the small adds and quickly aoe them down.

    I'll keep adding my tactics as I progress through Glory of the Cataclysm Hero
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