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    Quote Originally Posted by Ualaa View Post
    The ~ key, is set to open the Console.
    There is a walkthrough to disable that, on the isboxer site, in the guide section.

    I use that key, with modifiers as my spread out macro.
    Shift + Tilde ( ~ ).
    And still have Tilde set to open the console.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lyonheart View Post
    when you click on your character set, one of the options is unchecked " in-game innerspace console hotkey" by difault it is the tilde key. Just check the box and make a new hotkey and it will free up the tilde key
    The new default in ISBoxer 38 is to have no IS console key set in newly created character sets. If someone has an old
    character set then a key may obviously still be set after the upgrade.

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    ISBoxer is awesome. The flexibility, speed and features have finally pulled me over

    Lax: thanks for the Tut. works like a charm


    (I only sometimes get confused which character I control, but then, with full FTL it doesn't matter with 2 casters <3

    btw: there is a tut i found of setting up RIFT initially in ISBoxer.
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    I Just set up ISboxer for Rifts. So far I am really liking it but I have a small problem. Almost at random the focus shifts from one window to an other. It does not appear to have any triggering event. I can be running fine with everything focused on my primary for 10 or 15 minutes then it swaps to my alt. This is not a big deal since I use the FTL setup but it is a bit annoying since my primary has all my gathering skills.

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    are you hitting ctrl alt 1 or anything like that those make it switch to each screen if i pres ctrl alt 2 it switches to screen 2 as the front screen

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    I must have been doing something to switch the screens. Since playing one session with constant switching I have now played 3 that were quite stable. I did reinstall Inner space and ISboxer as well as rebuilding my character set and key mappings so I am assume I did something in my setup that was triggering the screen switches.

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    While I've understood the basic concept of FTL, having actually used it last night for the first time, this feature (especially how trivially easy it is to setup under ISBoxer) is a thing of beauty.

    /hats off
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    There's actually a simpler version which requires creating and using far fewer macros in RIFT:

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    Those macros look beautiful. Also, you could use @mark1, etc, instead of exact character names if you want to be flexible.

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    Thanks lax

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