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    Oh and 5 x Mana Burns seems like a great way to shut a healer/mana DPS'er down.

    Sounds like too much fun, lol.

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    The priest stuff sounds like fun... Just wanted to point out I dont think 5x POM works, i think theyll try to bounce and if the person theyre bouncing too is already POMed it just falls off.

    Other than that it should be hilarious. Not huge damage but a lot of heals.
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    Was planning on doing the Shammies.
    But priests sound fun too.
    Might do both, undecided.
    Shammies are 80th, priests are 75th, so not a whole of difference there.

    Also going to do the Pallies.
    But will stop exp on them at 72nd (Avenging Wrath).
    Which puts them in the 70-74 bracket.
    Resilience isn't quite as much reduction (for the same rating) at higher levels than lower levels.
    But two levels probably won't make a huge difference.
    And it will increase health, stealth detection, damage dealt, etc.
    Pretty sure Avenging Wrath and two extra talent points (beyond the cap talent in Holy) is worth more than the slight loss in rating to percentage mitigation.
    Plus boxing gets flack anyway, so being 72 or 74, instead of 70 and irritating the 70 twink purists isn't a big deal.
    70 queues are supposed to be 4-5 minutes for US servers.
    I really like that a full set of the best gear is under 2k honor, and will never need to be upgraded ever; always have the best armor/weapons...
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