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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyonheart View Post
    what trick?
    lol. I guess I asked for that with my teaser.

    You queue up and leave queue until you get instant pops. Usually only takes 2-3 times and you get instant pops ymmv as last night it took 5 queue drops to get instant queue pops. However, dropping queue a few times only takes 15-20 seconds max

    No idea if/ when it will be hot fixed, but I am enjoying it.
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    Holy radiance is a very nice pally aoe-heal, but you won't get until 83 or 84. Five pallys using these would make them fantastic aoe-healers, but the ability has a cooldown though.
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    I have a 5x boomkin team, It was easily overrun by melees due to lack of heals, you could consider a mixed resto/boomkin team... 3 boomkins + 2 restos or vice versa, 3 restos + 2 boomkins for dps. Iv been playing my 4x ele shamins + boomkin lead on tol barad ect and have great survivability. Also tremor totem is raid wide and pulses for 6 secs w/ a 1 min cooldown.

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    Leaning towards going Boomkin on the Druids.
    Possibly a mix of Boomkin/Resto, have thought of that too.
    Chances are, full honor geared Ferals will gain honor faster than zero resilience casters.
    But the Druids aren't that fun with the nerfs, so haven't done a lot of BG's with them post 4.0.6
    Hopefully some of the nerfs are undone, but Blizzard seems to hate the idea of Ferals being competitive; 8 out 300 players were Ferals for the top 100 3v3's teams, obviously too strong...

    For the healer team.
    Thinking of going Resto Shammies.
    The Tremor, on round-robin, as a raid-wide 30 yard Fear break... doesn't matter which group they end up in.
    Healing Stream is party only, I believe, but they can each go with Earth Shield.
    Grounding is still decent against casters.
    For offense, Lightning Bolt is basically mana free, they have Flame/Frost Shock, Lavaburst etc.
    And five minute Fire Elementals (plus 10-min Earth Elementals).

    Also thinking of leveling the Pallies (Exorcism/HolyShock) to 74th.
    To run them in the 70-74 bracket, as there are a ton of 70 twinks.
    This has the advantage of 2k honor for a full set of pvp gear, that once earnt will never need an upgrade.
    No need to arena for superior gear than BG's, as honor already buys the best they'll ever get.
    Not a lot of AoE healing, but still have Focus for single target heals.. with five pallies, could easily keep five singles up, in mass melee.
    Plus they have strong passive self heals, via Beacon and Protector of the Innocent.
    Plus the plate + shields + bubble + divine protection etc.
    This is an experimentation at the 70-74 bracket; see how it goes.
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    I obviously have little pvp multi-boxing experience - but wouldn't running 5x healer open up some out of the box thinking as far as your Macro/ISBoxer set-up in ways you wouldn't normally do things?

    For instance, is it possible to round-robin on a click region? (not sure if there is a way to do this...). If yes, I could see setting up like a quick main heal (like Flash heal or renew) on round robin and spaming it all over the raid for maxium support. Or even in groups or 2 o 3 for mana efficiency. I would imagine it would be like having a flash heal with no cooldown since you have 5 toons. Kind of like a rapid fire heal machine gun.

    Sure 5x heals on a single target would heal them, but if you could macro 2 renews on one click then 2 more renews with 2 different toons on another click and have it round robin, you could be a lot more efficient on all your heals without requiring it to come from All toons or just one you can spread the love a lot more efficiently without the need of AOEs, thus making any set-up flexible?

    Even a round robin on Power Word Shield, you could get 5 shields out in 5 clicks rapidly, regardless if they were in your team or not while spreading the mana use around your characters efficiently.

    The idea sounds exciting to me at least. Not sure how possible it is or if there are better methods of doing these things, but it would be like raid healing, but having 5 time the mana resources. However, the DPS part may lack, but surely you could keep yourself alive a lot longer for sure.
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    A very easy way to do this, would be using a repeater region but to only use that for the targeting.
    Give everyone the same alphabetical listing, so any given frame within the grid is the same target for each of your toons.

    Then use mapped keys to cast whatever, at your current target.
    The mapped key could easily round-robin with steps, something like:
    1: Toon A, Toon B
    2: Toon C, Toon D
    3: Toon E, Toon A
    4: Toon B, Toon C
    5: Toon D, Toon E
    That gets you two toons casting whatever you want, at the same target on a given keystroke.

    Just decide how many toons you want to do a given action.
    PW: Shield would be one toon casting per step.
    The Renew might be two or five, or even keys for both depending on the situation.

    The Pallies with Exorcism/Holy Shock, aren't lacking for DPS.
    They are lacking AoE heals, but could easily be run with Focus Healing, as per Mosg2's DK Manifesto, or a system of round-robin heals.

    The Shammies wouldn't have nearly as much offense.
    But would AoE heal a lot easier, more toons in that regard.
    And they have greater fear protection, and anti-swarming (short range AoE) tools.
    EverQuest I: Bard / Enchanter / Druid / Wizard / 2x Magician.
    Diablo III: 4x Crusader & 4x Wizard.

    My Guide to IS Boxer (somewhat dated).
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    Just chiming in on the paladin's here.

    Even though we lack a targetable AoE heal, I think I do decently with Beaconing my own characters and then just using mostly Holy Shock and Word of Glory. The cone heal works well if we are positioned right and we also get a PBAoE HoT with about 33% uptime which can help when being pressured.

    Exorcism does use a decent amount of mana at 85, even talented. I am considering reforging for spirit rather than haste (which seemed to be the recommended way to go with shockadins) as running out of mana is happening a lot for me.

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    <3 you Ualaa

    I would think disc priests would be fun.

    However, what if you went with like the old bc seasons 2 or 3, the dreamstate druid spec. A solid mix between restro and balance. Just saying, since you have druids already at 85 -- and if there was a change in feral again, you just swap back

    just my 2cents.
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    I still think five priests, properly macro'd, would be unkillable without coordinated cc. Anyway, keep us updated. The idea of any bgbgroup whose primary goal is healing sounds like fun to me.

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    I'd also agree with priests.

    I want to level 5 for a fun-based team. But really, I think they would be very strong.

    5 Disc Priests:

    Binding Heal:
    A --> B
    C --> D
    D --> E
    E -- >A

    Prayer of Healing x 5

    Prayer of Mending x 5

    Penance x 5 (Offense or Defense)

    Renew x 5

    Mass Dispel x 5 (LOL That would be fun)

    The more I talk about this, the more fun I really think the team would be. In fact, I can easily see myself playing this team for PvP.

    I have a priest at 76, 60, 64, 66 already. So I think I may get them all to 70 and work on getting them to 80.

    Just sounds like great fun, really.

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