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    I notice this has a 5 second cooldown. Just wondering about PvP application of this for swarming melee. If you spam your macro does the turning continue to follow the target or can you only turn every 5 seconds?

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    ah well if you have to be stationary for it to break follow then it won't do what we need - to break a team currently following in motion and begin casting
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    This is the thing Ualaa mentioned. Neat item but it has charges- works through walls too.
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    The 5 second cooldown only activates if the item is used on the correct mob for the quest. Anywhere else, the item turns you, but then says 'invalid target' and doesn't invoke the cooldown.

    I think the main disadvantage with this is the 20yd range. I've already had it where I expected my guys to turn but they were too far away.

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    Just tried this in arena, doesn't work - says "This item can't be used in arena" or something. doesn't break macros though.
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