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    Killed the last boss aswell.
    His 'buff' is really minor, there were some stars doing something, but not much.
    Not so annoying like those huge groups elsewhere in the instance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pallarfo View Post
    Lurkers appear random it seems.
    I moved the tank around quickly so he would face them for a short time, and healed through the damage I couldn't avoid.
    Thanks I will give that a try

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    I can't seem to kill the last boss. I've tried about 20 times now and I'm on the verge of giving up as I write this. I can't seem to kill the Stars as fast as they spawn, still heal and jump at the right times. I end up doing so little DPS on the boss, I run OOM and wipe. I've also tried not bothering to kill the stars, but the damage from them starts becoming too much to handle. I've also tried putting /target Skyfall Star in my DPS macros, but that didn't seem to help much. One other frustration is that DBM doesn't warn before Static Cling and I have to be paying very close attention to the boss's cast bar to notice it, but this makes it harder to do other things like heal the group and run around and kill the Stars.

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    Working on this heroic atm with a mixed team (prot pally, resto shaman, 2x arcane mage and a dest warlock), got the first two bosses down and 5 whipes on the last one so far.

    Solid suggestions on this thread imo, thanks for sharing.

    First boss:
    The suggested "trick" of placing a warlock pet (imp) at one of the pillars with the moved to command worked will, pet seemed to get LoS across the whole plattform keeping the lurkers in check.

    I keept my slaves together dropping them from follow perhaps a little bit short of 1/3 of the distance from the circling tornados and the boss this to give me some time to manouver the slaves when he calls in his tornados and when they go out. I try to move them as little as possible, preferably just strafing a little bit. At the same time I back out the tank who I try to keep in line with the slaves. DBM addon helps you gauge if a tornado will hit your slaves or not when he is about to call them in.

    I also found it helpful to zoom out and tilt up the camera so that I got a good topdown view, made it easier to see the pathing of the tornados realtive to my team.

    Second boss:
    Almost a tank and spank fight. Suggstion of placing toons in the corner at the right hand side of stairs at the pillar worked well for me, didnt notice them getting hit by any tornados. Tanked the boss on middle top portion of stais facing down the stairs. Key to succes is taunting every time boss does his cone AE else it will be healing intensive. Avoid tornados with your tank for good measure.

    Last boss:
    Work in progress, having a hard time timining the jump atm and ending up single target dispelling, loosing time and thus getting toasted.

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    Got the last boss down now, had to really focus on not missing jumping to avoid static cling, not getting rooted half the time made tons of difference Ignored the star thingys thruout the fight.

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    When you have the resto shaman talented the improved cleanse spirit, you can use cleanse spirit to remove movement impairing effects (cling).
    Make macros for all toons, and keybind all of those.
    Relax press those keys when you're all clinged, and dps in the mean time.
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    Lots of others around 85

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    Yea can dispell the cling with my team and use blink, hand of freedon etc to break it but still got pressed for time getting to the "safe zone" in time when having to do that. My micro management skills beeing far from top notch might have something to do with that thou

    I could refine my dispell/cure/decurse setup for sure, atm I use grid/click and have a portion of the grid layout that goes to all toon and using ctrl + right click give the target a massive cure all so to say.

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    Can a 4x DK team and 1x Holy Pally do this in Heroic Mode?
    Everything I read appears to show that Casters are better as they can park in strategic locations and cast spells. But what about melee and does we need IWT on the melee? A walk through for melee would be awesome

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    Yes, it can be done with melee and yes IWT is required. However, as I said to you in one of your earlier posts, there's a lot of places where caster teams have things a lot easier than melee teams. There were a lot of places where I had to seriously outgear the dungeon content in order to be able to eat the damage. I also spent a lot of time wiping repeatedly practicing movement and timing.

    Grand Vizier Ertan - bring everyone in right on top of him, and try to position so you're all facing different directions to keep the Lurking Tempests from attacking. As soon as he summons the tornadoes, stop DPS, make everyone follow and run out to avoid getting the tornado debuff. As soon as the tornadoes start to come back out, follow again and lead everyone back to the boss, again, making sure you have some facing different directions for the Lurking Tempests.

    Altairus - Fight him in the center of his platform. Break your healer off before you engage and leave them a good distance from the rest of your team. Run in with DPS and Tank and turn the boss so your DPS and healer are behind or to the side of him. Use strafe to keep your DPS and healer Upwind. Try to dodge the tornadoes, and be ready to heal the Chilling Breath.

    Asaad - easy for melee. Jump to avoid the static cling debuff. Get in the grounding field. Get free lewtz.
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