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    Default [ISBoxer] Click Healing+, without addons (IMAGES ADDED by REQ)

    I’m sure that by now we are all aware of Aragents work on the generic dps macros. I’ve been using something similar myself for a while with the aim to both remove my hotbuttons from the game and simplfy multi-group setup. One of the issues is always how to reduce the per-toon configuration and instead bring those settings into a generic, one fits all, group.

    I’m a user of click healing and have, until recently been running Pitbull unit frames with clique and a repeater region. However, clique requires per toon/account setup for spells to cast on a click as do most of the similar addons.

    Enter the click bar.

    Click bars allow click healing without the use of repeater regions. By using a generic set of [@mouseover] macros we can run ATG and Toon name conditionals (and in ISBoxer 38) can run round robins on the ATG for teams with multiple healers.

    For starters, make an ATG called “Click Healers” and add any toons you want to be click healers. It wont matter what team they are in, this is all about going generic.

    Next, we need some keymappings for the heals. I created a new keymap “Click Heals” just to keep them all in one place, but you could just as easily add them in “General”. Don't forget to drag the charactersets you want to use the clickbar down to the keymap too or they'll not get access to the heals.

    I created keymaps for “Small Heal”, “Big Heal”, “Oh S--t” and “HoT”. The names really are arbitrary and depend on how you like your click heals setup.

    For each keymap create:
    Action “Sync Cursor” target “Group (others in) Click Healers"
    “WoW Macro Action” target “Group (all of) Click Healers” - Give this a keybind, so you don’t forget, we’ll return to the macros later.

    The first action will pop the cursor over the unit frame we just clicked on. If you’ve only one healer in a team then the second action will work fine as is. When ISB 38 is released you can check the new “Round Robin” checkbox for RR Click heals.

    EDIT: Due to an oddity on the way ISBoxer sends a mouse sync, it's necessary to check a setting on the keymaps to ensure things happen in the right order.
    So go to the keymap and ensure that "Hold any Keystroke Actions while Hotkey is held is "On"

    Next we need our click bar. I’m going to use two regions here, but you could run more or just one.

    Create a new click bar, call it “Click Healing”
    My party frames are in a horizontal arrangement so set the “Grid” to 2x1. Giving us two small buttons, one above the other.

    Add a character set to this click bar, export to innerspace and run the charset or a single toon (if you only want the bars on your main).

    Once you’re logged in, open the Innerspace console (“CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+G” by default) and drag the buttons to align with the top left corner of your party frames click “Save” in the”Click Bars” section of “ISBoxer Control Panel” frame and close the console with the innerspace hotkey.

    HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------^

    Now we need a little guesswork. Leaving the WoW sessions running tab back into ISBoxer and adjust the “Cell” settings to enlarge the buttons, first setting is width, second is height and keep re-exporting to innerspace to see the changes. Do this until the buttons cover the unitframes in a way you are happy with.

    Back in ISBoxer, click on the first button and a new box will appear on the right for whichever mouse button you just used. Click the little “<” and choose one of our new keymappings, say “Small Heal” in “Click Heals” set target to “Self” the actual targetting is handled by our keymaps.

    Do this for each keymapping/mouse button you want to use.

    I also generally add a "SHIFT-left mouse" and "SHIFT-Right mouse" and assign them keymaps which send the relevant mouse button to a target of "Window Current". This allows me to SHIFT-Click through the clickbar onto the mains untiframes and perform their normal function, but you may just prefer to leave a section of the frames uncovered.

    The hard work is done now, all we need to do is go back to those macros. The only healers I currently run are shaman and druids so I’ll give one macro as an example, I’m sure people here can help build a library of heals for the other classes.

    !if (character in “Shaman”) /cast [@mouseover] healing wave
    !if (character in “Druid”) /cast [@mouseover] regrowth
    /stopcasting will force our healer to stop DPS if that’s what he’s doing and cast whatever spell has been assigned. I don’t think ATGs need to be as accurate as “Shaman - Resto” etc as no toon will cast unless it’s in the “Click Healers” ATG anyway.

    This, especially with the round robin functions in ISBoxer 38, can be as powerful and configurable as you want it and it’s not limited to heals. Any keymap can be run from a click, do what you like with them, I just added CTRL-CLICK for Battle-Rez on my Druid team.

    EDITED to add images and small setup update
    EDITED to mention adding characterset to click heal keymap
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    Sounds cool but would you mind including a screen shot so the instructionally impaired can make sense of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iru View Post
    Sounds cool but would you mind including a screen shot so the instructionally impaired can make sense of this?
    Yes please!!!

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    Thanks, this looks cool! If you only have one healer, and don't need the round robin functionality, you don't need ISBoxer 38, right?

    Also, do all of the party frames on all your toons need to be exactly the same? I'm guessing the new clickbars you create need to overlay your party frames on each of your session windows... or am I understanding this wrong?

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    Everything except the Round Robin works under 37, yes.

    You can have the click bars on the whole team (drag a characterset in) or individual toons (I only drag my tanks in).

    As long as you click bar(s) overlay your unit frames they can be any pattern you like (but you'll still need to actually click the frame, and the layout needs to be the same on the healer). The basic behaviour is simliar to a repeater region but with significant advantages.

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    Would it be possible to label the buttons with the toon names, and possibly color them by class? Only reason I ask is that I keep Grid all the way at the bottom of the screen on my main, and don't really want to mess with my layout too much. If I could have a separate system that's only there when I have ISBoxer loaded, that would be amazing.

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    Ya know, I don't usually mind creating macros to heal per keybinds but things like this that make the macro creation process very generic are weakening my resistance to switching to ISBoxer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by naPS View Post
    Would it be possible to label the buttons with the toon names, and possibly color them by class? Only reason I ask is that I keep Grid all the way at the bottom of the screen on my main, and don't really want to mess with my layout too much. If I could have a separate system that's only there when I have ISBoxer loaded, that would be amazing.
    This is just two hugely wide buttons covering the unit frames. On the second shot you can see the names and class colours of my Quad box team through them:

    The shading, which you can add in the click buttons option panel, just help to remind me that top buttons (blue tint) are "I'm in control" heals and the (red tint) are my "Oh S--t" heals. EDIT: The red bar looks transparent because it actually covers my cast bars, and of course, in the screenshot I'm not casting.

    The click bars don't act as buttons as such. You click them, which send a keybind, but the target is the underlying unit frame. Since you can see the unit frame through the button you don't need to do anything.

    Click bars used like this are a sort of grey area in ISBoxer, they act like repeater regions (they sync the slave window cursor), but only at the instant you click it. The cursor then stays in this new position, invisibly, until you move it again. The macro in the keymap (tied to the click button) targets [@mouseover] which is effectively the unit under the new cursor position.

    I hope that clarifies things a bit.
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    It does, for sure. I guess the only disadvantage would be the amount of screen real estate it takes up. My current unit frames are very small, putting several buttons on them would be difficult. That's why I was asking about the possibility of shading them, or potentially using some other unit frames below them on a different part of the screen so that I do not have to mess with my default grid set up.

    I guess I could re-enable the party frames in Pitbull. Since the only time I'm going to multibox is in 5 mans. That should provide a large enough area for me to do this.

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    naPS, your other option would be to use a single button and increase the number of keymappings. You don't need to limit yourself to just right and left click, ISBoxer should recognise mouse buttons up to 5, the mouse wheel press and you can always use SHIFT/ALT/CTRL in any combo you wish.

    My reasons for using two buttons was to remove the need for holding a modifier, but if you need more functions than you have mouse buttons I'd assume you're holding a modifier anyway.

    Equally, there's no reason that the buttons on different toons need to do the same thing (each toon could have it's own clickbar configuration).

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